9/2 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez discussed numerous topics on this week's Pac-12 conference call. Read on to see what he had to say about going on the road, the depth in the secondary, and more.

  • Arizona is once again playing on a short week, but Rich Rodriguez does not seem too bothered about it.

    "We get there early tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon and we will have a short walkthrough in the Dome to get our guys acclimated with the facility and then we will have time for a short meeting after that back at the hotel," Rodriguez said.

    "It’s a short week when you are traveling, but both teams played last Friday night. We just lose a little bit of a half a day because of travel, but no big deal."

  • Throughout the week Rodriguez has complimented UTSA coach Larry Coker and that continued on Tuesday.

    "He’s done a great job and I think he has done it the right way," Rodriguez said. "He has a bunch of seniors that have gone up through the program and kind of grown up in the system.

    "The kids are doing the same system and getting better and better each year. They understand what they are doing and this coaching staff has done a tremendous job."

  • Josh Kern will return home this week and Rodriguez touched a bit on how he has done since arriving at Arizona.

    "He’s a great young man," Rodriguez said. "We brought him in as a quarterback and he was willing to move to help the program. His development has come on fine, but he has had some nagging injuries that have really set him back a bit.

    "Now he is getting healthy and back in the groove. if we can keep him healthy, his role will continue to increase."

  • UTSA's performance against Arizona last season and win over Houston is enough to make sure that it has the Wildcats' attention.

    "Looking at the Houston score and watching the film the past few days have gotten our guys’ attention," Rodriguez said. "It wasn’t just a big win, but it was a big win on the road in a tough environment and they completely took the game over defensively, so it should certainly have our guys’ attention."

  • Arizona has battled some depth issues in the secondary, but that could be close to improving.

    "We have got Cam Denson, who is a freshman, so any time you have a young guy you don’t have experience, but he is talented," Rodriguez said. "We have Devin Holiday, who has been battling some injuries, but he is getting healthier.

    "That is a big key for us. If we get Devin healthier, he has some experience and he is a solid player. Once we get Devin healthy, and I think he is healthier now, we will have more depth than we did in the first week."

  • The most impressive aspect of UTSA's win over Houston may have been the play of its defensive line.

    "Just watching them, they completely dominated," Rodriguez said. "They were able to stop the run with just four or five guys in the box. They tackled extremely well against some really good skill players.

    "You don’t find them out of position. Their guys are where they are supposed to be every snap, which is a sign of a well coached team, an experienced team, a team that knows what they are doing."

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