Teammates helping make Grant better

Samajie Grant credits much of his success to his fellow wide receivers, Read on to see why that is, his thoughts on UTSA, and more.

Samajie Grant scored a touchdown against UNLV, but his focus is more on what he can improve on.

"As a receiving core we still have a lot to pick up on, especially route running wise and remembering the plays,” Grant said. "Right when we see the signal we have to be able to know what we have.

"We messed that up a couple of times, but we are still working on that. Most of all, we have to keep hustling and nagging at the defensive backs, going to go hit them instead of letting them get the shot on us.”

It is easier to improve on those facets of the game, and to have success in general, when there are numerous capable receivers on the roster.

"It helps a lot because it’s like if you went to war and only had two people who actually knew stuff that people are training for,” Grant said. "It’s not going to work, but being that we have ten good receivers, they can’t just pick on one or two of us, they have to be able to cover all of us.”

The UNLV game also marked the first occasion that Grant and quarterback Anu Solomon were able to work together in a game.

"It was amazing because we started talking about it last year and finally we got to play,” Grant said. "Anu did a great job. He was focused, really calm, didn’t let anything get in his way.

"In the first quarter he had a couple overthrows and he let that pass and came out in the second quarter and did amazing. I expected him to do well, but I didn’t know he was going to do it like that.”

Grant and his fellow receivers will face a much more difficult challenge when it faces UTSA on Thursday.

"Their secondary players are physical,” he said. "They are not huge or top players like everybody in the country talks about, but their players get after it.

"Last year their safety, number seven, was like 6’1, 165 and that dude was actually coming full speed trying to hit Ka’Deem. That is a good thing because it makes us work harder and we don’t want to get embarrassed.

"Their defense is a very physical defense and I am looking forward to playing against them. We have to be physical and get after them. If we are physical and get after it, I think we can beat them."

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