One-on-One with David Lockwood had a one-on-one interview with cornerbacks coach David Lockwood. Read on to see what he says about the development of the young corners, receivers in the conference, and more.

WA: What were your overall thoughts after UNLV?

David Lockwood: For the most part the guys flew around. We feel as a defensive staff we can get more hats to the ball. It can’t be just one or two guys, it has to be four or five guys.

WA: Jarvis faced a great receiver in his first game, how did he fare?

Lockwood: Not too bad. There was some technical stuff, but you can get that fixed. Obviously though there is a lot of room for improvement. No better way than to open your first game against a quality receiver like that.

WA: In a way, is it good that there is so much room for improvement?

Lockwood: Yes, it makes it a lot better down the road, but obviously we have to get it done now. We understand they are young guys and they are going to get better, but they have to continue to do so.

WA: Speaking of young guys, how is Cam coming along?

Lockwood: He got in there a little bit and it is a long year. Obviously when we get into the meat of it, this core here will be facing some of the most experienced players in the country that can really test you and spread you out and they will get tested again Thursday night.

WA: Is there any way to prepare a younger player for a road environment?

Lockwood: Not really. The best we can do is our crowd noise and stuff, but it is different until you actually get out there and the coaches aren’t standing right behind you. It is something you kind of hit on the run.

WA: The secondary has another challenge this week with Kam Jones.

Lockwood: He’s a good athlete and they move him around and do different stuff. Those guys do a heck of a job offensively with what they do in their scheme. They put you in positions numbers wise that you have to be disciplined and make plays in space.

WA: A lot is made of the quarterbacks in the conference, but there’s some pretty good receivers also.

Lockwood: Exactly. It goes to show what our conference is all about. Maybe in the past you could overlook it, but not in 2014. The last couple of years this has been one of the best conferences in the country.

WA: How did you grade Jonathan McKnight in the opener?

Lockwood: He was solid. Had two balls that were caught on him in the post and he just has to make the play. The deep ball on on the back shoulder he has to go up through the guy. It wasn’t like he was out of position or anything, but as a senior that has played a lot of games, we expect him to make those plays.

WA: Is it hard for a younger corner, when they get beat, to forget it and move to the next play?

It is one of those things where you either have it or you don’t. I think that is probably line of the good things about the two young guys is that their mentality and demeanor it doesn’t seem to faze them too much.

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