Allen keeps learning

Defensive end Jordan Allen is getting more comfortable with the defense. Read on to see what he had to say about his first game, overall progression, and more.

Jordan Allen has played plenty of college football, but against UNLV he was able to get his first experience as an Arizona Wildcat.

"It felt great to get out there with that atmosphere,” Allen said. "We had a lot of students come and support us, very thankful for that. Without that Zona Zoo behind us it makes things a little tougher and we love to have a crowd behind us that really wants to see us to do well.”

After watching tape, Allen sees room to get better, but also feels like he had a successful start.

"Individually I would say I did what I had to do on a lot of things, but I am getting better,” he said. "I am getting more progressive with our scheme and understanding it more.

"You can understand your right step and your left step, but if you don’t understand who’s coming opposite you or why you are making that step, then it really doesn’t matter. I am really gaining comprehension of this defense and starting to get it.”

In addition to his first game at Arizona Stadium, it was also Allen’s first game working with defensive line coach Bill Kirelawich.

"You have to have really selective hearing,” Allen said. "He has a lot of filler words, but selective hearing. I learned that a long time ago. You really have to hear what the coaches are trying to tell you.

"They are human too, so they are going to say it in the best way they can relate it to you, so as long as you get out what they are trying to get to you, you are going to make improvements.”

Allen played plenty of snaps and believes that he never got too tired throughout the night.

"Really back at LSU, we had probably the same rotation,” he said. "I felt I was in shape and these guys here definitely get us in shape over the summer to make sure that we are ready for threes situations.”

When discussing UTSA, Allen was quick to complement its offensive line.

"Very good offensive line that plays very hard together and play for each other,” he said. "Whenever you have someone playing for each other, that’s a pretty big force moving at you."

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