Wilson emerges in key situations

Freshman running back Nick Wilson had numerous successful plays, but none as big as his run near the end of the first half. Read on to see the impact that it had and more.

Making his first career start, not many could have predicted that freshman Nick Wilson would put up 174 yards and a touchdown against a strong UTSA defense.

“It was pretty incredible, especially on my first start,” Wilson said. “I really didn’t know what to expect, but the glory goes to my linemen. I couldn’t have done anything without them.

“It’s always good [to get a good start]. Whatever I can do to help the team and try and benefit me as well. I was really happy with what I did.”

Wilson’s biggest play of the game may have been his two-yard touchdown run with 26 seconds left in the first half.

"Every touchdown, every score, every point helps," Wilson said. "We definitely had momentum going into the locker room. We made a few adjustments and a few changes and we pulled the win out.”

UTSA coach Larry Coker agrees, as he believes Wilson’s touchdown changed the trajectory of the game.

"We had momentum, and they had that last score in the first half and got it back," Coker said. "If we had gone in ahead like we were, it could have changed the outcome. It was a very key time in the football game.”

In addition to his yardage, Wilson got 30 carries and was heavily relied on throughout the night.

“I wasn’t expecting it, but you have to do what you have to do,” Wilson said. “I was surprised I got the ball that many times, but whatever coach wants me to do is what I am going to do.”

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