Rick Rickert at McKale

A former Arizona recruit was in the stands at McKale Center August 24. Who was the player watching pick-up games? None other than the now-infamous Rick Rickert. Why is Rickert in Tucson? Read on…

You may remember that Rickert originally announced that he would attend Arizona, only to back out and commit to Minnesota.

Rickert told me that he was in town to visit a good friend, Arizona incoming freshman Dennis Lattimore.

"I came here to watch Dennis play," Rickert said.

Rickert said it felt "a little weird," being there, but "I promised Dennis that I'd come out and visit."

Rickert said that he had no regrets and does not dwell on the decision to renege on his commitment to the Cats and sign a letter-of-intent to play for the University of Minnesota.

"Basically it happened, it's done," Rickert said. "It worked out for the best. It's best for myself and for Isaiah Fox."

Rickert is excited to be playing for the Gophers, despite NCAA sanctions, and can't wait to start school on September 4th.

"We have a solid team," Rickert said. "I'm excited to be a part of building back the Minnesota program. We have to overcome the sanctions, but they deserved every one of them.

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