McCoy has decisions to make

Ricky McCoy has numerous decisions to make, including his future college and what position he wants to play. Read on to see what he says about both.

Fresno (Calif.) Roosevelt 2015 athlete Ricky McCoy's senior season has not started like he wanted it to, but he does not seem to be worried about it.

“I suffered a little bit of a strained back earlier, so I haven’t played this season” McCoy said. “It’s not a big deal at all. I just want to be super safe with it because a back injury is obviously something you don’t want to mess with.”

McCoy has no doubt he will have an impactful senior season though.

“I feel good," he said. "I’m bigger than a lot of the guys out there and I think I’m going to be able to get after the quarterback and also catch a lot of passes.”

The three-star’s versatility is no secret and he still deciding which position he will focus on at the collegiate level.

“A lot of it is going to depend on how my body develops over the next couple seasons," McCoy said. "If I’m able to get a lot bigger and maintain my speed it will give me some options. I love playing both positions, so it won’t be an easy decision.”

While McCoy is listed as an Arizona commit, it is far from a sure thing that he ends up in Tucson.

“I’ve got a visit set up to Washington in the first week of October," he said. "It will be fun to go and see what the Huskies are up to and try to get a vibe for the school.”

Arizona isn’t giving up without a fight, however.

“Coach Dudek and Rodriguez want me to visit Arizona after the season ends," McCoy said. "That way we can talk about everything and how I fit along with just getting more of a feel for everything.

"Every time I’m around the coaches we have an absolute blast. I feel very comfortable around them. I want to go there with a clear mind though, not in the middle of the season.”

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