Tevis remains focused

Jared Tevis put together a career performance against UTSA last week. Read on as he reflects on that game, looks forward to Nevada, and more.

Arizona found itself in a close game against UTSA last week with the Roadrunners driving when Jared Tevis clinched the win with an interception.

"It was kind of crazy," Tevis said. "I saw him scrambling, so my first reaction was to turn around and go try to get a good hit on him and get him down and keep the clock running.

"The second I triggered I saw his eyes light up and he was looking at the back I was guarding right behind me, so I started falling backwards and I was kind of surprised he actually threw it."

The defense did not have its best game and Tevis believes that a lot of that has to do with its failure to come up with stops on crucial downs.

"The biggest takeaway is that we need to make big plays on third and long, fourth and long," Tevis said. "The game should have never come down to where it was if we just got off the field.

"As a defense, we weren’t on the same page a lot of times, so we have to be better at communicating and continue to play physical and with the mindset that we’re relentless and not going to give our opponents an inch."

Tevis finished with 16 tackles against UTSA and attributed it to being in the right place at the right time.

"My awareness has improved some, but I am always ready," he said. "It’s nice to get some action like that in a game. It’s not really being more aware, it’s being there when I am needed. It was good to be able to step up for us, but we have all changed gears and are focusing on Nevada now."

Arizona has not played Nevada in two years and it will be somewhat of a different team when it comes to Tucson on Saturday.

"I feel like they are a little simpler on offense," Tevis said. "They have their basic plays down and do a lot of read zone, a lot of unbalanced. They ran it a little bit last year against us, but I feel like they have done it a lot more these first two games."

In order for the defense to be successful against an offense like Nevada's, discipline will play a major role.

"The key is accounting for the quarterback and running back," Tevis said. "It takes a lot of discipline. If one person messes up their job it could be a big breakout play, so we have to be disciplined every play."

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