Inside the Comanche Recruitment

Chance Comanche is visiting Arizona this weekend. Read on as his mother discusses his visit, overall recruitment, and more.

Beverly Hills (Calif.) 2015 center Chance Comanche is set to visit Arizona September 13th. Prior to his arrival in Tucson, Comanche took other visits with his most recent being Arizona State University. had a chance to talk with Chance's mother Melissa McGee over the weekend to get a better feel of a parent’s perspective as she helps her son make one of the biggest decisions of his life.

WA: For starters, how did the Arizona State visit go for you and Chance?

McGee: It was a great visit. We really liked the coaches and the staff. The program does great with their current players, so we enjoyed that aspect as well.

WA: Is it fair to say that Arizona State is considered one of the favorites right now?

McGee: I would not say they are a favorite, but they are a program that we are definitely considering. We have our top five, and we like them all. Now it is just about seeing who is going to be the one of the five.

WA: Just to briefly refresh the readers, what is the top 5 right now?

McGee: University of Connecticut, Arizona State, Arizona, UCLA and North Carolina State.

WA: Looking at recruiting as a whole and being a parent, what matters the most to you when looking for the right fit?

McGee: I have done my due diligence in terms of knowing who the coaches are and knowing what they are about. I also look at the athletic program and education system each school has to offer. Now I have gone back and looked at the type of relationships the coaches built with my son, specifically the head coaches.

I finally gave out his personal number to the coaches on June 6th when he got out of school, but before that if they wanted to talk to him they had to go through me. I wanted to keep everything controlled and after that, I allowed him to have his own conversations and build his own relationships.

Now it is just a recap for me with the different schools. I like to reiterate what I am looking for in a school, but the most important part is the relationships because I am ultimately going to turn him over to them, and I want the school he picks to want and need him as much as he wants and needs to be at one of the five schools.

WA: The five schools involved clearly have big plans for your son. Does the idea of playing right away weigh heavily on the decision he will make soon, and if it does not, would Chance be open to having more of a limited role initially?

McGee: Having been a player, I am not one to believe a kid should be given playing time. I think playing time should be earned. However, at the same time, having the potential and the possibility to come right in and make an impact is definitely something you have to weigh in your decision because sometimes being able to come in as freshman definitely weighs in on the mindset of a player.

WA: Is it possible a decision can be made before Chance finishes up his visits?

McGee: The plan is to take every visit because I am really trying to see what the relationships Chance has built with the coaches are like. I only know what he tells me, but I know my son and when I see them face-to-face I will be able to see for myself what the relationships are really like.

However, this is my son’s decision and if everything works out with whichever school and he is pulling at my ankles because it is what he truly wants then, as his parent, I have to let him do that. At this point, I am good with any of the five schools, honestly. I like them all and I think they all have something unique and special to offer him in multiple facets.

If he’s really ready to commit and be done with it then I am all for it and I will be happy for him.

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