9/9 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media after Tuesday's practice. Read on for his thoughts on Nevada, comparing Nick Wilson to Ka'Deem Carey, and more.

  • Rich Rodriguez has answered plenty of questions about Arizona's win over Nevada in the New Mexico Bowl two years ago, but it probably will not come up much in team meetings.

    "I haven’t thought a whole lot about it because they got a new staff from two years ago, but how lucky we were to win it," Rodriguez said. "Clearly we were outplayed for three and a half or mostly four quarters, but at the end our guys made a few plays when they had to and got a little lucky with the onside kick.

    "That’s so long ago and so many things have changed other than they have the same quarterback that had like 1,000 yards on us, but we were lucky to win that one."

  • When watching the UTSA tape, Rodriguez believes Solomon played better than he may have originally thought.

    "Certainly in the second game the environment was tougher and it was an experienced team he was going against and he missed a few things," Rodriguez said. "He didn't turn the ball over, his decision making was pretty solid again. He was just off on a couple throws and then there were a couple things decision wise he would like to have back.

    "I think it was a learning experience for him, but I didn't think he played poorly, he just didn't play as well as the first game. He had a couple poor things that maybe made it look like it was an overall poor performance, when I thought after watching the tape he did some really good things too."

  • Nick Wilson is getting numerous comparisons to Ka'Deem Carey, but Rodriguez is not ready to heap that praise on him just yet.

    "I don’t think we can compare them yet," he said. "Ka’Deem did it over three years and ran as hard as anybody in the country by far. Nick is running hard and doing a phenomenal job as a freshman, but he is not where Ka’Deem was yet."

  • Rodriguez has met Nevada coach Brian Polian before and also coached against him when Rodriguez was at Michigan and Polian was the defensive coordinator at Notre Dame.

    "I have known Brian for quite a few years and he is an outstanding coach," Rodriguez said. "He grew up in a football family and knows the game in and out. I think he is doing a great job. Coach Ault is a Hall of Fame coach and he took over there and it’s not easy taking over for a Hall of Fame coach. Coach Polian has done that and is doing some great things. Really good person too."

  • Polian has made changes since taking over, but there has not been anything too drastic.

    "Offensively, which is smart particularly with Cody back, they’re running the same stuff in the pistol," Rodriguez said. "Defensively they are different than they were, but offensively they are doing a lot of the same things, which makes sense because they have some of the same players that coached it and same players that grew up in the system.

    "They will do a lot of inside blitzes with their linebackers. They will bring six guys up and challenge you a little bit. They will do it against anybody, so they will really pressure you and force you to execute."

  • Nevada passed quite a bit in the season opener, but reversed the strategy against Washington State. The mixture of offense is forcing Arizona to prepare for numerous options.

    "I really don’t know what they are going to do," Rodriguez said. "Defensively we have been mixing both our pressure and our zone stuff, so we have to be prepared for a little bit of everything.

    "They run some unconventional sets and obviously with the quarterback they have, he is a threat to run. We can’t let him explode on us like he did two years ago."

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