Solomon sees room for improvement

Anu Solomon is off to a solid start this season, but still sees room for improvement. Read on to see where that is, his thoughts on Nevada, and more.

Although Arizona defeated UTSA last week, Anu Solomon knew that it would not be an easy game.

“We did alright,” Solomon said. “Obviously we did not play our best and to our full potential. It all goes through practice that week and we just didn’t have a good week of practice.”

The UTSA game as also acted as a wake up call of sorts, as Solomon believes the Wildcats can’t have a repeat performance.

“Ever since we came back I felt like we can’t have one of those games,” he said. “We watched film on the UTSA game and learned from our mistakes and moved on to Nevada. They are a good team and we can’t play like we did last week.”

One of the biggest challenges with facing Nevada will be how the Wolf Pack chooses to defend.

“Disguising defenses,” Solomon said. “They tend to jump around a little just to show what kind of coverage they are going to play pre-snap and then change it and play a different coverage. I need to study what type of leverage, how deep their safeties are, stuff like that.”

Thankfully, Solomon has gotten help from an impressive running game.

“They both contribute a lot to this offense,” Solomon said of Nick Wilson and Terris Jones-Grigsby. “Teams are loading up the box and that opens up the pass game. Once defenses start seeing that they don’t know what to do and it has a double effect on offense.”

Still, Solomon sees plenty of room for improvement and is quick to point to a few aspects of his game that need to get better.

“Kind of getting that tempo and picking myself up,” Solomon said. “I still feel a little sluggish and slow and I still overthrow my receivers, so we need to get that down and the chemistry down with the offense as a whole.”

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