Denson keeps improving

Cam Denson is likely in line for more playing time because of his improvement. Read on to see what he has been focusing on, what his first road trip was like, and more.

Earlier in the week, Rich Rodriguez mentioned that Cameron Denson is in line to get some more playing time and the first indication is when the freshman was in at the end of the UTSA game.

“I was surprised, but my name was called,” Denson said. “I thought I wasn’t going to play at all and then he said three you’re in and I didn't take it in. Next thing I know I am on punt block and then I am in the game.

“It was very important because I was in a clutch situation. They could drive the ball down the field and if they hit a field goal it goes to overtime, so being in that situation was very big for me to experience that instead of experiencing it down the road.”

Denson may have been surprised, but he continues to get ready to play more.

“I am running with the twos, so I am trying to get better every day,” Denson said. “If they call my name, I am trying to go out there and do what I have to do to get a victory. If I have to get out there and play, then that is what I am going to do.”

Although Denson improved during camp, he feels that his improvement because of the action he sees in games is much more noticeable.

“I feel like I have improved a lot,” he said. “In game time you always step up your game a little more and seeing myself getting out there and play helps me see I have come a long way since the start of camp to actual game time.

“Thinking about other teams’ tendencies and what they do has been the biggest adjustment. It’s still playing football out there regardless of where you play.”

The coaches want to see Denson improve in a few areas in order to feel more comfortable increasing his workload.

“They want to see me be more consistent and work on my technique more,” Denson said. “It’s little things like getting my eyes right, my first steps off backpedaling, and the little things they want to see me do over and over again.”

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