Hill looking forward

Austin Hill is trying to move focus away from his injury and more towards this season. Read on to see what he says about his play, Anu Solomon, and more.

Austin Hill has had mixed results in his first two games of the season, but he continues to look forward and not think of his injury anymore.

“I just think it is kind of second nature,” Hill said. “I wouldn't really put a percentage on it anymore. I am just trying to get better with the things that I need to improve on and get that old kind of vibe back that I had two years ago. I am working on it. It’s not quite there yet, but I am trying to come back into my own again.”

Quarterback Anu Solomon is helping Hill get back to that level and in order to do so, they must be comfortable with each other.

“It just takes time,” Hill said. “Just a lot of route running, completions during practice, a lot of just getting the consistency down and letting the quarterback know you will be consistently catching the ball for him.

“I think those are really important things that just take time and we will eventually get to where it is perfect and we have the consistency that we want.”

It has gone well for both Hill and Solomon, as the receiver is confident in his quarterback.

“I think it is going great,” Hill said. “Anu is really mature for how young he is and he has been playing great. He is maturing every day. We have a lot of time, but he is progressing really well and I am proud of him for it.

“The receivers need to get better by just being a little more consistent with our route running and catching the ball. We need to really become that unit that is never letting anyone down and never making mistakes, to go out there and ball out and play hard every single game.”

When discussing the offense, Hill believes that there have been two major surprises.

“I think the run game is crazy,” Hill said. “I don’t think anybody really expected our run game to be this good without Ka’Deem. I think that is probably one of the biggest surprises.

“There was also a lot of doubt about the quarterback situation and I think Anu made that statement early that we have a quarterback that can play and will be good and mature as the years go on to become a great quarterback here.”

Hill has moved around different receiver positions and while he would prefer one over the other, he isn’t complaining.

“However I get on the field does not really matter to me, but if it came down to a choice I would prefer the slot just because I really like linebacker and safety match-ups,” he said. “I love slot, but I have been getting a lot of work outside.

“It doesn’t really hurt me at all to get some outside work in and improve in that aspect of being a receiver because you have to be a good all-around receiver and that is what I am trying to become.”

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