Chance Comanche Recruitment Timeline

Chance Comanche committed to Arizona on Sunday. Read on to for a closer look at how the entire recruitment played out.

Although it has felt like it has been coming for a while, the four-star Beverly Hills (Calif.) center made his commitment to Arizona official on Sunday morning.

The Wildcats have been on Comanche for at least a year and they were automatically among the schools recruiting him the hardest.

"Recruiting is going pretty good so far," he said in July of 2013. "From what I have seen, USC, Georgetown, Arizona and Oregon are the schools recruiting me the hardest.”

The coaching staff made its pitch clear right away, selling Comanche on the fact that it would be able to utilize in talents in numerous ways.

"Arizona tells me that they could use me in a lot of different ways," Comanche said. "They also make sure I know about all the success they have had and the good things about the school.”

Schools in the east started to get involved that month, including Louisville.

"We're definitely open," Comanche's mother, Melissa McGee said at the time. "He's not even close to deciding, but we do like Louisville. I know they are the defending national champions and Rick Pitino is a great coach. There are a lot of pluses. We still want to learn more, but they're a school we want to look at.”

The recruitment played out as expect, but Comanche took a visit to California in February and it appeared that the Golden Bears were ready to make a major push.

"The academic part went above and beyond," McGee said after the visit. "Being No. 1, the historic value is there, plus the fact that you have a great coach with a great reputation and they really work on player development.

That’s really important to me. I think the style of play would fit my son well. It was kind of a couple of things: The academics and the coaching, player development-wise, probably spoke the most to me, as a parent."

The center never strayed from the strategy of staying open through the spring and he continued to hear from the majority of the same schools.

"He's not excluding anybody at this point because I don't think everybody is in that will be in," McGee said in March. "Once everyone is in that will be, at that point we'll start trimming some of the schools off the list.

"I think he'll narrow it down after we get through this spring and summer. He has probably 30 schools that are in there and about 15 that are recruiting him pretty hard. Hopefully he has a good spring and summer and more will be in there.”

In addition, Comanche remained consistent with the belief that the coaching staff would play a major role in his decision.

"For me, the relationship that he and I are able to establish with the coaches that they're going to be there, he's going to develop and that whether he has to be there one year or four years that they're going to do what's in his best interest," McGee said.

"I don't like teams where it's all about the individual players; I'd rather it be about the team. I'd like him to go somewhere that he can make a difference but it's a team-oriented environment.”

Comanche attended the NBPA camp in June and it was the first time that he named two schools, Arizona and N.C. State, as the ones that had emerged in his recruitment.

He set up his official visit to Tucson in July and knew exactly what he would be looking for.

“I just want to see how the players get along with the coaches, how they act off the court,” Comanche said. “Also I want to see the campus and ask the players how they like it.”

Less than a month later, Comanche officially cut his list to five and set official visits to UConn, Arizona State, Arizona, N.C. State, and UCLA. Although the plan was to take all five visits, McGee hinted the recruitment may not come to that.

"I'm pretty confident but there's never a certainty with anything," she said. "It's our intention to take all five but someone could come along and sweep us off our feet. We have taken visits to these schools, done our research and now we're going back again for a final go-through.”

Going into the visit, McGee spoke highly of Arizona and the coaching staff in particular.

“I personally have a really good relationship with Sean, Pasternack and Stoudamire,” McGee said. “I know Chance has a pretty good relationship with them as well and they have been pretty diligent over the last couple years, making all the possible attempts to come visit him. 

“I have taken note to all of that. At the end of they day, whichever schools he picks will be a good fit for him, and I believe he will be taken care of.”

As it turns out, Arizona matched all of Comanche’s criteria and he wound up only taking three official visits before ending his recruitment on Sunday.

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