Wildcats move to 3-0 with win over Nevada

Arizona defeated Nevada 35-28 on Saturday night. Read on for a complete recap of how the Wildcats got it done.

For the second week in a row, Arizona made it much more difficult than it would have liked, but survived as the Wildcats did just enough to defeat Nevada 35-28 Saturday night at Arizona Stadium.

Starting on its own 25, Nevada got a four-yard, 3-yard, and another four-yard run by Don Jackson. Cody Fajardo then found Richy Turner for 15 yards and three plays later hit Jarred Gipson for ten more.

After a three-yard run by Jackson, James Butler gained seven on the ground. Jerico Richardson proceeded to catch a seven-yard pass and a few plays later, Kendall Brock gained eight in the air. After a five-yard run by Fajardo, Arizona forced a 22-yard field goal attempt and Nevada made it to take a 3-0 lead with 5:34 left in the first quarter.

The Wildcats started on their own 14 with a one-yard run by Nick Wilson. After a six-yard pass from Anu Solomon to Cayleb Jones, Samajie Grant caught a 27-yard pass. He then caught a pass for five yards and another for 13. Two plays later, Austin Hill picked up a first down with a 17-yard reception.

Solomon then ran it for six yards and Wilson followed with three mote. On fourth down and one, Solomon ran for the first down with a two-yard gain. Wilson scored from two yards out on the next play and the extra point gave the Wildcats a 7-3 lead with 1:50 left in the first quarter.

Nevada took the ball on the 25 with a three-yard run by Butler. Fajardo then found Richardson for 10 yards and Hasaan Henderson for 15. Butler gained three yards on the ground and the quarter ended with a false start penalty.

Richardson caught a pass for eight yards and Henderson followed with an 11-yard completion. Arizona was able to force Nevada into a long situation after a holding penalty, but Fajardo found Turner for 27 yards and the first down.

Once again, however, the drive stalled and the Wolf Pack settled for a field goal, as the 21-yard kick cut Arizona’s lead to 7-6 with 10:42 left in the first half.

The Wildcats started on their own 25 with a ten-yard pass to Nate Phillips followed by a 17-yard run by Wilson. A few plays later, Nevada was called for pass interference, but Solomon made a bad decision and threw an interception on the next play.

Arizona proceeded to force a three and out and took over on its own 24. Grant caught a five-yard pass and two plays later, Wilson ran for eight. After a penalty, Solomon hit Jones for 13 yards and then gained 17 on the ground.

Jones caught a pass for six yards and two plays later, Wilson ran it in from 28 yards out as the extra point gave Arizona a 14-6 lead with 5:04 left in the first half.

The Wildcats forced a three and out due in large part to a sack by Jake Matthews. Taking over on its own 35, Wilson ran for four yards. Jones then caught two passes for nine and then 12 yards.

After a five-yard completion to Tyrell Johnson, he caught a 35-yard touchdown pass and the extra point put Arizona up 21-6 with 2:08 left in the half.

Needing an answer from its own 25, Butler ran for four yards and Henderson caught a seven-yard pass. Butler then gained six on the ground and Richardson followed with a 25-yard completion.

Gipson caught passes for seven and six yards before Henderson gained 13 in the air. On the next play, Gipson caught a seven-yard touchdown pass and the Wildcats went into the half up 21-13.

Arizona started the half with the ball, but only got one first down before having to punt to Nevada’s 16.

Two plays into the drive, Henderson caught a ten-yard reception and Jackson got gains of 7, 2, and 3 on the ground. A few plays later, Fajardo connected with Turner for a 29-yard pass completion.

Richardson caught a nine-yard pass and Jackson then ran for a combined eight yards on two carries. Turner proceeded to do the same before Butler ran for five and Henderson caught a six-yard touchdown pass.

Nevada went for two and Jackson converted on the ground to tie it up at 21 with 6:03 left in regulation.

Starting on its own 25, Phillips caught a 27-yard pass and added another for three yards. Arizona was forced into 3rd and 12, but a defensive holding penalty kept the drive alive.

Wilson ran for nine yards and after a false start penalty on third down, Solomon connected with Jones for 14 yards. It only took one ore play to score, as Solomon found Jones again, this time for a 22-yard touchdown. The extra point gave the Wildcats a 28-21 lead with 3:34 left in the third.

Nevada got a four-yard run by Butler from its own 25, but Cody Ippolito tackled Fajardo for a loss of four and Derrick Turituri sacked Fajardo to force a punt.

Arizona started its drive on its own 49 with a one-yard run by Wilson followed by a ten-yard completion to Jones. Solomon then gained 13 on the ground and Wilson added three more to end the quarter with the Wildcats on the Nevada 24.

On the first play of the quarter, Solomon found Jones for the 24-yard touchdown with the extra point making it a 35-21 game in favor of the Wildcats.

Arizona forced a three and out and took over on its own 33 with an 11-yard run by Wilson. After a one-yard run, he gained 20 more and Solomon kept it for four yards on the ground.

Arizona was called for holding two plays later, but Wilson got some of it back with a seven-yard reception. It then appeared Solomon had a first down on the ground, but he slid early and Nevada took over on its own 26.

Henderson caught a 20-yard pass to start the drive and Turner followed it up with 15 more. Fajardo then gained 15 on the ground and found Gipson for four yards. Butler ran for 11 on the next play before Fajardo picked up three of his own.

After an incomplete pass, Fajardo found Gipson for the six-yard touchdown as the extra point cut Arizona’s lead to 35-28 with 6:01 left in regulation.

Arizona’s drive started on its own ten and the Wildcats got a first down on a face mask penalty. Wilson then rushed for 13 yards, but a holding call brought it back and Arizona eventually had to punt, giving Nevada the ball with 3:04 left.

On first down from its own 17, Nevada got a 24-yard pass to Richardson. Two plays later, the Wolf Pack got five more yards on a catch by Gipson. However, the next two plays resulted in an incomplete pass and Arizona sealed the victory.

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