Arizona sticks out for 2016 linebacker

Walker Adams saw his junior season cut short because of injury, but he is still hearing from numerous schools. Read on to see why Arizona sticks out, how his recovery is going, and more.

Before suffering a knee injury a few weeks ago, 6-foot-1, 205-pound Phoenix Brophy Prep linebacker Walker Adams projected as one of the better 2016 in-state prospects.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t seem to be an injury that will have a long-lasting impact on Adams.

“It’s been a little bit of a rough time to be honest with you,” Adams said. “I tore my ACL a few weeks ago and I had to have surgery, but the doctor is very optimistic that I will be able to make a quick recovery. Everything went great.

“We’re talking like six months. So the way I figure it, by the time next season rolls around I should be better than ever. I’m taking it all in stride.”

That is a solid sign for Adams, who is sure to see plenty of recruiting attention.

“I would say the strengths to my game right now are my strength and the fact that I can do a little bit of everything," he said. "I’m strong enough to take on the lineman, but I can track down the ball carrier too.

“I’m always working on my agility so that I can defend a pass receiver or get a back in coverage. That is the kind of stuff I will have to do at the next level.”

So far, there is one school that has made a huge impression on Adams.

“The University of Arizona is the place that is really standing out right now," Adams said. "They’ve sent me a lot of stuff and they’re offering me some tickets to go to the game. I definitely want to take advantage of that.

“Honestly, right now there aren’t a ton of other schools I’m looking at besides Arizona. They’ve just really put the effort forth. We’ll see how they continue to recruit me, but it’s been really good so far.”

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