9/16 Football Notebook

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Tuesday. Read on to see what he says about Cal quarterback Luke Rubenzer, the play of the offensive line, and more.

  • With Jacob Alsadek injured, Lene Maiava has started on the offensive line and Rich Rodriguez is happy with his performance.

    "He’s got great strength," Rodriguez said. "He’s a good athlete and a strong guy. He’s been in the system a few years now, so he is getting more comfortable. We bounce him around, he can still play tackle and guard, but I think he’s more comfortable at guard. He made some improvements, he got better in the last game."

  • Samajie Grant was a limited participant on Tuesday due to injury, but Rodriguez still complimented his performance this season.

    "He loves football, loves being around, excited to practice," he said. "A lot of guys look at it as kind of work maybe, but not him. It’s probably really hurting him not to practice today because he likes doing everything football. He’s one of our better football players.

    "He’s a guy that learned all four positions as a true freshman and now he knows five. He could play running back and all four receivers. The truth is he could probably play DB too."

  • California has been giving some unique looks with Luke Rubenzer at quarterback and it forces opposing defenses to game plan for numerous options.

    "When Rubenzer is in there, it is a lot of quarterback run stuff," Rodriguez said. "Goff has run a little bit, he can run, he is a good athlete. When Rubenzer is in, it is true quarterback runs, quarterback powers and they were throwing the ball with him a lot last game just so you know the threat is there.

    "You have to prepare for both. When they sub, you could sub, but for us that is not going to be a part of the deal as far as changing personnel."

  • Jake Matthews and Jared Tevis are both Tucson products that started last game and Rodriguez hopes that becomes a pattern.

    "I think there is some good football here, but some guys just develop later or are maybe a little undersized or something that will stop them from getting a scholarship or a scholarship to a school that they wanted," he said.

    "For us, I think walking on here is a better option than even going to another Division I school because you get to stay home in front of your family and friends. If you can prove yourself, you’ll earn that scholarship."

  • When asked how much he can tell from practice performance, Rodriguez reflected on the 2006 Sugar Bowl that featured his West Virginia team against Georgia.

    "Normally if you have clean, crisp practices all during the week, then you think you're guys are dialed in pretty good," Rodriguez said. "I have had average practices and played really well.

    "The one I remember specifically is the Sugar Bowl a few years back when I coached, we had a hard Tuesday practice and it was the most flawless practice from a mental standpoint I had ever had. I said we didn’t have one mistake, so at that point I said we might be okay in this deal."

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