Johnson keeps improving

Tyrell Johnson scored the first touchdown of his college career this past Saturday. Read on to see how he reacted, what his transition has been like, and more.

Tyrell Johnson scored the first touchdown of his career when he grabbed a 35-yard pass against Nevada and the reaction was as expected.

"Once I knew I was in, I was like ‘oh man I know my teammates are coming," Johnson said. "I’ve got family back at home watching, so I just wanted to hold onto the moment.

"I had a lot of text messages during the game, but I didn’t check until after the game. People I haven't talked to in a while were texting me. I got back to all of them and said thanks."

Johnson's path to Arizona wasn't easy, as he failed to qualify out of high school and had to attend Milford Academy for a year.

"I didn’t like it," he said. "I liked the kids there, but I just didn't like the area I was in. It was upstate New York and there was nothing around.

"It was an all boy school and you had to stay focused in order to get through it. I knew I wanted to come to Arizona, so I just worked hard and made sure I got my grades up and got in."

Now that he has gotten to Arizona and finds himself playing as a freshman, there are no regrets.

"It’s been a great experience," Johnson said. "There are some things I have problems with and others I already know, but I am working to get better and better.

"At first it was difficult because I was still thinking while running routes. Now I have all the plays down, so I am moving a little faster and working a little harder just trying to get better on routes. I transitioned from a running back to receiver, so I am trying to learn how to be a receiver more."

One aspect of his game that Johnson does not have to work on is his speed, as he has legitimate 4.34 speed.

"I really don’t know how I got so fast," Johnson said. "I have always been fast on every team I have ever been on. From Pop Warner to high school. I ran track too, so it has followed me all the way."

It is currently in the early stages, but running track at Arizona is something that Johnson is certainly interested in.

"I don’t think they know about me yet to be honest, so they haven’t come over and asked yet," Johnson said of the track coaches. "I am going to ask the coaches soon.

"I like track. In high school I ran against Sammy Watkins a lot because we are from the same area, so we always competed and got after it."

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