McCall's mentality changing

Jarvis McCall's mentality may be a little different this week. Read on to see why, what he feels he needs to improve on, and more.

As Jarvis McCall enters the first conference slate of his career, he believes Arizona's mentality as a whole needs to change.

"As a team the mentality has to change," McCall said. "From here on all the way until the end of the season, it is a money game. Our mentality has to change as a team because the game is worth more.

"Every game is important, but I feel that each conference game gets more and more important because we want to win the conference and have an opportunity to win the Rose Bowl."

Arizona will face its most difficult challenge of the season when it goes against a potent California offense.

"I just have to know the releases the receivers run, what routes they love to run, and how they run them," McCall said. "They run a two quarterback system, so we have to be aware which quarterback is in.

"We have to know what quarterback they use in certain situations and be more alert on the pass because we know they are always in some type of spread offense ready to throw."

Now that McCall has played three games, he does not believe anything has come as a surprise. Instead, he sees opportunities to improve.

"I wouldn't say anything has surprised me about the games," McCall said. "The thing I have to get better at every week is to adjust to the speed from practice to the game.

"I know in practice they are going to run their routes differently than a game because that’s what they do every day. I just have to be faster and more precise in a game.

"I think experience helps, but if you study and watch the film to prepare yourself, you will be ready and not as hesitant out there on the field."

McCall believes that he may be better prepared for Cal's receivers on Saturday because of the quality of receiver he sees each day in practice.

"I feel like we have the best receiving core in the conference for sure," McCall said. "I talk to them about how Cal’s receivers run their routes. I know they can help me with what Cal does because they are high quality receivers.

"All of Cal's receivers are really talented, but Kenny Lawler has really caught my eye. He attacks the ball when it is in the air, so even if I have good coverage I know I need to attack the ball as well because he likes to get it in the air."

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