Whittaker will be ready

Jace Whittaker is currently gray shirting after receiving a knee injury his senior year. Read on to see how he is doing, his mentality for Arizona, and more.

Presently, a few Arizona recruits are grayshirting while recovering from injuries and the UA coaching staff is excited about the potential contributions from both prospects.

Much has been made about nose tackle Sharif Williams’ recovery, but Oceanside (Calif.) 2014 cornerback Jace Whittaker's rehabilitation from a knee injury has gone largely unnoticed.

The UA coaches haven’t forgotten about Whittaker though.

“I’ve been talking with the coaches all on a pretty steady basis,” Whittaker said. “Everything is still the same. I’m going to enroll at Arizona is January. By then, I will be totally ready to go and the coaches want me to come in and be aggressive and ready to go.”

Whitaker likes everything he’s heard from the Wildcat coaching staff.

“They tell me that there is room to play immediately," he said. "When I look out there and watch the team there certainly seems to be room out there to play.

“When I was watching the past game I noticed that there was a freshman corner that was playing a lot. So that seems to be in line with what I’ve been hearing about how the best players play, regardless of how long they’ve been there.”

As Whittaker gets closer to enrolling at Arizona, football is not the only thing on his mind.

“Academics are going to be a huge part of what I’m going to do at Arizona," he said. "That has always been a big thing for me and I’m lucky enough to have my education taken care of. I plan on majoring in biology and getting good marks in that field.”

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