Alloway knows what he wants

Fontana (Calif.) Summit 2016 wide receiver Damian Alloway is one of the top players in the west. Read on to see what he has to say about his recruitment and more.

Fontana (Calif.) Summit 2016 wide receiver Damian Alloway is one of the best high school football players in his class and is off to a fast start this season.

“We’re 2-1 right now,” Alloway said. “I’m cool with how I’ve played so far. I have 9 touchdowns and I have been able to get some explosive plays off the catch. That’s what I try to do every game though. My speed is what makes me dangerous”

Alloway isn’t lacking for college suitors.

“I don’t have a lot of offers right now, but a lot of big time places like Notre Dame and Wisconsin are talking to me," he said. "I think some offers could come.”

One offer that could eventually come is Arizona, as it continues to develop a relationship with Alloway.

“I have talked to Coach Dudek on Facebook and stuff like that," Alloway said. "He’s telling me that I should go out to see Arizona. I could definitely go out there and see the place. It’s close to home and has a good offense.”

Alloway will be closely observing the schemes run by any prospective college coach.

“The offense and how quickly I can play are things that I’m going to look at closely," he said. "I like offenses that have an aggressive system that doesn’t mess around.”

“I also want to go to a place that gives me a legitimate chance to play early. I think I will be ready to come in and contribute.”

In terms of a decision, Alloway doesn’t figure to drag out his recruitment.

“I want to figure out where I’m going before my senior season starts," he said. "I want to go into that season sure on what I want to do, that way I can focus on my last season.”

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