One-on-One with Justin Simon

Arizona commit Justin Simon recently decided to make the move to Brewster Academy. Read on to see why he did it, his thoughts on his new school, and more.

Versatile guard Justin Simon committed to Arizona in May of 2014. Recently, the California native decided to transfer from his high school in Temecula and attend Brewster Academy in New Hampshire.

Simon is preparing for the college life the best he can and the lengthy guard felt moving away from home was the best way to become college ready. His senior season isn't too far away, but Simon took the time to catch up with Wildcat Authority and offered his take on numerous topics.

Wildcat Authority: You moved far away for your senior season. Why did you want to move to the East Coast, and why did you pick Brewster Academy?

Justin Simon: I thought it was the best fit for me personally. I wanted to get away from home and grow into my own man. The decision was not easy, but it is only going to better me. Brewster is a college prep school, so I know I will come into Arizona mature enough on and off the court and I will be ready to make an impact right away.

I am excited to be here and I am making the best out of every passing moment. I picked Brewster because they have a great program, I feel like I can expand my game here and there are a lot of great players on this team, so we are pushing each other to become better everyday.

WA: Is this the first time in your life that you have been away from home for an extended period of time? If so, how has the adjustment period been for you?

Simon: I really like being away. It sounds weird, but I enjoy being able to be on my own at times. This opportunity allows me to become more of an independent man, too. At the moment, I am still adjusting to a new environment and a new culture, so I would not say it is easy, but I feel like I’m doing well. I’m getting use to my schedule, and in a way it feels like I am in college, but I am not.

WA: California is famous for producing high-profiled basketball talents. I know it is still early in the year, but are you able to elaborate a little on the difference style of play in California and what you're seeing now?

Simon: There are not really too many major differences between the two styles of play. I played against top talent in California, and now I am playing against the top guards in the country. Jalen Adams, Donovan Mitchell and David Crisp are making me better and I am making them better, too. We go at it everyday in practice and the experience has been great, I feel myself getting better everyday.

WA: You touched on the aspect of becoming a better player everyday. When you evaluate yourself, where do you want to improve and what have you done to make those improvements?

Simon: Right now, I would say my weakness is shooting from the perimeter, but Coach has done a great job of getting in me the gym to work on my shot. We have done a lot of different drills ranging from shooting off the dribble to catch and shoot drills.

I am not joking when I say this: we get up hundreds of shots everyday. Everyday that I have been here I have put up a jumpshot. At Brewster they get us ready for the college game, and at the end of the day, that is what it’s all about.

WA: Chance Comanche is the most recent addition to your 2015 class. How excited are you to add a player of his caliber to an already talented recruiting class?

Simon: I am beyond excited to add Chance. I was kind of aware we were going to add him; I had a great feeling about him. This is the right fit for him and I am so glad he is on board. You need players like him that give you size and length. He is also a great guy off the court.

Coach Miller does a great job of recruiting talented players and great locker room guys. We just keep adding great players, and I love joking around with Donovan Mitchell that we have the number one class, so it’s just an exciting feeling.

WA: Where do you see Comanche fitting in with the class, in regards to style of play?

Simon: I see him fitting in perfectly. I have seen him play a couple of times and I actually played against him once. He has great size, he runs the floor well and he will fight for rebounds. I love his hustle. Big men that can run the floor usually do well, so he has that in his favor.

His back to the basket game is great, too. I felt we needed someone like Chance in our class and he’s a great fit. Coach Miller does a great job of recruiting the top guys.

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