9/23 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media Tuesday to discuss the Cal game, Anu Solomon, and more. Read on for all the latest.

  • With the way that Arizona defeated California this past Saturday, it's no surprise that Rich Rodriguez heard from plenty of people after the game.

    "I got quite a few messages," Rodriguez said. "I don’t know how many saw the game because it was so late, but they saw the highlights. A lot of friends in the profession and people I know. Usually when you lose, you dont get any messages, so it was good."

  • Although the bye week will help Arizona, Oregon is in the same position, so the time to prepare cancels itself out.

    "I think it will help a little bit, but it’s going to help them too," Rodriguez said. "I wouldn't mind playing a Thursday game with a five day window as long as they had a five day window, but this will get our guys over the last game so to speak and a couple extra days to prepare."

  • Terris Jones-Grigsby's performance on Saturday is probably getting overlooked, but he is in position to see a slightly expanded role moving forward.

    "He should have fresh legs because he has not played much over the last couple of games," Rodriguez said. "I think he was excited to be in there and I think we have two kind of co-starters at that position. I don’t know who the first one we will roll out there next will be, but we’ll see Thursday. We’ll see how they practice."

  • When discussing Anu Solomon's ability to put together a solid fourth quarter, Rodriguez brought up his overall personality.

    "First three quarters were off and on," he said. "Sometimes he was on, but then he made some mistakes that at this point he shouldn't make. He is unflappable and I think that is why he responded pretty well."

  • Rodriguez has consistently talked about Arizona needing to get better at forcing turnovers and the return of Tra'Mayne Bondurant has already helped that.

    "He’s got the ability to make plays," Rodriguez said. "Some guys will be there and they can’t quite make the play, but Tra’Mayne will recognize things really quick and he made a few big plays for us. He made some mistakes too, but he’s a talented guy and it’s good to get him going because we need more plays being made on defense."

  • Arizona's run game was a bit disappointing against California and it seems there are numerous reasons why.

    "We didn't move them off the ball a little bit," Rodriguez said. "Some of it was decision making and some of it was the numbers. When they take away the opportunity to run, sometimes you have to throw. We have always said we’re not going to force the balance. We hope it comes and inevitably it does a lot of times, but it didn't come Saturday night."

  • For the second season in a row, Arizona lost Trevor Ermisch to injury while playing Cal.

    "He broke his arm," Rodriguez said. "He was on the kickoff return and it went into the endzone or something. I feel bad for him, but we will wait and see if we apply for a medical or not. He is one of our best special teams players."

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