Solomon learns from California performance

Anu Solomon played well enough to win against California, but is still not happy with his performance. Read on to see what he learned, his thoughts on the game-winning play, and more.

With one play left in the game against California, Anu Solomon found Austin Hill for a game-winning Hail Mary pass that he will never forget.

It's too bad he didn't get to see it until the replay.

"I didn’t see it because right after I threw it someone hit me and all I heard was people screaming," Solomon said. "At that point I didn't know if they were screaming for a good cause or a bad cause, but then B.J. tackled me and told me we won and I was just like ‘wow.’

"I was in totally shock. B.J. tackled me, so I couldn't do anything. It was kind of a lucky thing, but those things rarely happened, so we cant be in those situations. I really thought I threw it out of bounds to be honest."

As exciting as the win was, Solomon isn't near being completely satisfied with his performance.

"I went through the numbers and the one number that kind of disgusts me and stood out there was the two picks," he said. "They were freshman mistakes and I have to eliminate those, because we can’t win with my playing like that."

In addition, Solomon was able to grow as a player.

"I learned that I need to be trusting my reads, believing in the coaches and what they call and just trying to not overthink myself," he said. "I was able to succeed because I was trusting the system and trusting the wide receivers will be at the spot I want them to be."

Rich Rodriguez has said that Solomon is harder on himself than the coaches could ever be and that mentality continues for the quarterback.

"It just kind of rubbed off on me," Solomon said. "My dad was constantly on me after every game and after every competitive sport, even if I did well. He just told me I have to get better."

Now attention turns to Oregon and Solomon is fully aware of what the Ducks bring to the table.

"Coming off a big win, we just can't be in that situation with Oregon," Solomon said. "They are a great, disciplined team. We need to eliminate our mistakes and take advantage of theirs.

"They are such a good team you want to study them more than four days. The bye gives us the opportunity to study them more and attack their weaknesses, which they barely have."

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