Jones having fun again

After having to sit out last season, Cayleb Jones is having fun playing football again. Read on for his thoughts on his performance, gaining trust in his quarterback, and more.

Cayleb Jones sat out last season due to transfer rules and never complained as he went about his job every day. Now that he is playing, Jones remembers why he loves football so much.

"It’s so much fun being out there again," Jones said. "I think the biggest thing I have pulled from it is how much I missed being under the lights and with my teammates and hugging those guys after touchdowns."

After Jones' performance against California, the wide receiver was a bit sore. However, he felt much better when he was named Pac-12 Player of the Week.

"It was an honor," he said. "The game feels like it is forever at this point. It’s an honor to have that and obviously I want many more. I am ready to move on to Oregon.

"I played 108 plays, so I was pretty sore. A couple of us ran on Tuesday to get the soreness out, but it was a good feeling, especially after a W."

Being sore is understandable after playing so many downs, but Jones feels that Arizona's conditioning continues to be on another level.

"You can tell when the other team is getting tired a little bit," he said. "Throughout the third quarter against Cal I was seeing they were rolling a lot of different corners in and even guys I didn't get to study. I didn't think they were going to play. You can tell and it helps us so much because we have a lot of wide receivers that can come in and play.

"Every week in practice I am always tired and then there are a couple drives in a game I am dogging, but throughout the game I feel I get better. I talk to my teammates and they feel the same way. Its a good feeling. The strength staff does a great job. We were dying in the summer in the heat running in that weather."

In addition, Jones credits the relationship he has with Anu Solomon as a major part of his success this season.

"I am proud of myself for gaining trust in Anu and I want to gain more trust, so if he ever feels he has to throw it up or needs someone to make a play, he can throw it to me," Jones said. "I have to give it up to Anu because has has a lot of faith in me and it’s a good feeling."

With the week off, Jones' attention has already turned to Oregon and the difficulties the Ducks present.

"The bye week allows us to rejuvenate mentally and work on our fundamentals with Coach Dews," Jones said. "Looking at their defense, they have a confusing defense. They move around a lot and have a lot of athletes. We want to study and get ready for that."

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