9/24 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Wednesday to discuss what the Wildcats will do during the bye week, recruiting, and more. Read on for all the latest.

  • With the bye week being shortened because the Oregon game is on a Thursday, Arizona has already started preparation for the Ducks.

    "In the past we have done it where in the first day or two it is more us and then the rookies, but this time we started on Oregon right away," Rich Rodriguez said. "We gave a little time for the rookies, but I told the coaches I wanted to get our game plan set by Saturday and then repeat it for three days next week."

  • When looking at the bye week, Rodriguez believes the biggest advantage is simply having some time off.

    "More than anything it is giving the guys a little bit of rest," he said. "We had 112 plays on offense, defense played a lot of plays. Kind of regroup a little bit and get some guys healthy. We both have the same window to get prepared, so I don’t think that’s much of a difference."

  • Arizona has been able to find some diamonds in the rough and the first player that often comes to mind is Scooby Wright.

    "There’s less secrets than there used to be and everybody can get a highlight film out there, but we thought when we recruited Scooby we found something special and he’s proven to be that," Rodriguez said. "We think we get three or four a year like that."

  • Arizona State and UCLA play on Thursday and Rich Rodriguez will not only watch that game, but others as well.

    "I will even watch the ones that have no implications in our league, I just love college football," Rodriguez said. "For myself, that is one of the best things about the open date, you get to watch someone else suffer on Saturdays and Thursdays. I am anxious to watch the one tomorrow night. I will watch a little bit of Oregon on Saturday, but most of the day I will be watching college football."

  • The bye week will allow Arizona's coaches to go out and recruit, but not as much as a normal bye week would.

    "We’re going out Friday, but we have to be local because we will be practicing Sunday and sometimes it’s hard to go," Rodriguez said. "We’ll get a day of recruiting in Sunday and then after the Oregon game the coaches will go out that Friday and Saturday and we have another open date in a few weeks we will go out too."

  • Rodriguez is not sure if Oregon will play up the revenge angle, but feels that the Ducks likely do not need to.

    "I think everybody is different in their philosophy and I don’t know Coach Helfrich’s philosophy," he said. "They will probably mention it, but they won’t have to much. Those guys are competitors and great competitors and they haven’t lost a whole lot of games. I think they have enough motivation as it is and it is a great environment there. Once the ball is kicked off, last year is in the past."

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