Pettinato wants to see improvement

Dan Pettinato believes the defensive line is progressing, but it needs to get better. Read on as he discusses his role, how the line can improve, and more.

Defensive end Dan Pettinato believes that the defensive line is continually learning, but would like to see it improve.

"I think we are progressing every game," Pettinato said. "The line is getting better, but every game there is something different we can be working on.

"We have to keep our pads low and keep our hands in tight. It’s the basics, but we need to make sure we come out and play."

Most fans associate the defensive line with the need to get quarterback sacks, but that is not the case with the Arizona's defensive line.

"Obviously with a three man front we have more linebackers and defensive backs than linemen," he said. "Every time we rush it is two on one basically and we hold up guys so the linebackers are able to attack, which is why you seem them getting sacks and stuff."

It's that strategy that challenges Pettinato each game, as he can't recall many instances in which only one lineman is trying to stop him.

"Sometimes I get single coverage, but it is very few times," he said. "You will think you have a one on one, but then you try to come inside the guard is sitting there waiting for you.

"It wears you down, but I am so used to it now because it is three years in the making. I know what to expect."

Looking back at the last two games, Arizona's defense has made some critical stops at the end and Pettinato knows what to attribute them to.

"A lot of things are just mental mistakes," he said. "We get them corrected and get our mind right. We don’t let anything get to us and need to keep playing."

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