Scooby stepping up

Scooby Wright has been the most consistent player on Arizona's defense. Read on to see what he says about Oregon, having Tra'Mayne Bondurant back, and more.

The game may be a week away, but Scooby Wright's attention has already turned to Thursday's tilt against the Oregon Ducks.

"I have never played there," Wright said. "I have heard it is pretty loud, but we just have to make sure we are on the same page and know what we are doing."

Although he knows Oregon's offense presents a problem, the pace of it does not seem to concern Wright.

"We face it every day here," he said. "Theres not much difference to be honest. When you look at the Pac-12, how many teams run the spread offense?

"There’s probably nine or ten that run it, so every week we kind of see the same plays, but every team has a wrinkle here and there."

Stopping Oregon's offense will likely be more difficult than stopping Cal's, but Arizona's defense has shown a penchant for stepping up in crucial situations.

"When our offense was stepping up and started playing how they usually play, we knew we had to step up and not let them score," Wright said of the Cal game. "We had to do our job and keep our offense in the game so they could come back.

"I think it is just a time you need to step up and see who is tougher. You just have to see who wants it more."

Wright's job could be a bit easier for the rest of the season considering that he now has Tra'Mayne Bondurant next to him.

"It was nice because he played next to me last year and I was a freshman and didn't really know what was going on," Wright said. "I always looked to him and Fischer, so it was definitely nice to have him back."

Moving forward, Wright realizes that the linebackers and defense as a whole need to keep improving.

"I think we have played pretty good, but we need to get better and better with each game," he said. "We need to get more pressure on the quarterback and be consistent."

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