Cobb trying to earn a spot

Jamardre Cobb planned on seeing the field at Arizona right away, but an injury slowed that plan down. Read on to see how he is handling working too get in the rotation and more.

Going into the season, most Arizona fans expect Jamardre Cobb to play an immediate role as a freshman. Due to some NCAA issues and an injury, Cobb's path to the field has been slowed by quite a bit, but it still has not changed his attitude.

"It’s a great experience learning from the older guys and getting faster, stronger, and taking care of business in school," Cobb said.

When discussing the difference between now and the start of the season, Cobb is quick to point to how much better he feels physically.

"I was hurt during camp, so I feel stronger now," he said. "I feel I am ready to play, but I could have proven myself earlier if I did not get hurt. Now I am just learning from the guys and doing what I have to do."

In addition, Cobb's biggest adjustment deals with the fact that players at the college level are already stronger and bigger than he was coming in.

"Everybody is the same in college," Cobb said. "Everybody is fast and everybody is strong. In high school when you are the star you are stronger and just better than most guys, but when you get to college it is going to be harder and you have to take it head on."

Cobb was recently named the Scout team Player of the Week and has enjoyed the experience.

"It’s great because you have to be physical and play hard every play," he said. "You are trying to earn a spot like everybody else. Going against the ones is a great experience because of the speed of the game.

"Basically you are doing the plays the other teams will run and they are going to play hard, so you have to give the ones a great experience."

Even though Cobb has yet to see the field, he is hoping that he will be able to earn his way to playing time at some point this season.

"I am still competing to play every day," he said. "I don’t want to redshirt, so I am taking every day as a competition.

"I feel pretty close, I just have to catch up to the speed of the game. I just need to learn the plays and I think I will be ready to go. The guys here were already use to the game speed, so I need to catch up to that."

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