Helfrich breaks down Arizona

Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich met with the media Sunday night to discuss Arizona's strength at quarterback, playing up the revenge angle, and more.

Oregon coach Mark Helfrich met with the media on Sunday to discuss the upcoming game against Arizona, a team that he respects greatly.

"Exceptionally talented across the board," Helfrich said. "A bunch of guys playing really hard. I think the thing that jumps out about them is how hard they play.

"Defensively, special teams, up front, on the offensive line they block really well on the perimeter, a really complete team that’s playing very well right now."

Helfrich sees some similarities between Anu Solomon and Marcus Mariota, but containing Solomon is not the only key to winning the game.

"They're similar in a lot of ways," Helfrich said. "He is a young guy with a ton of great pedigree, won a ton of games in high school and comes from a great high school program.

"He has been very good in the system this year, but we have to do a nice job with him, have to do a nice job with the tailback, but it is assignment football in a lot of ways. We have to take care of every element and tackle in space."

It would be understandable if Oregon played up the revenge angle this week, but Helfrich would not necessarily say that is the case.

"I think it would be impossible if you are any kind of competitor to watch that film and feel good about it," Helfrich said. "Anything we can use to prepare better to train better, great. Whatever your individual motivation may be that might be different than somebody else, that’s fine.

"We aren't thinking about that during period 14 of practice necessarily, but if we have a great period 14 that is going to help us in the game."

Still, Helfrich can't help but to reflect on what type of game Oregon lost last night.

"That was a hard game to watch in a lot of ways," he said. "I have kind of a superstition or pattern how I watch film and I always end up watching film from who we played the previous year last and boy that was hard to watch, starting with the first play."

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