Pellum discusses Thursday's matchup

Oregon Defensive Coordinator Don Pellum discussed Arizona on Monday. Read on to see what he has to say about Arizona's offense and more.

When looking at Arizona's offense, Oregon Defensive Coordinator Don Pellum believes a big reason for its success is how well the players know it.

"Overall their operation seems to be moving really smoothly because I think everybody is really comfortable with what they're doing," Pellum said. "All of the players are comfortable with the system and they have players in place that really do a nice job."

One of those players is Anu Solomon, who is just one part of an offense Pellum feels is well balanced.

"Anu is very athletic," Pellum said. "He’s in a system where it takes advantage of his abilities and moves the pocket. He escapes and the receivers keep working and he completes balls down field.

"I think their offense is very complete. I think they have a very solid offensive line that does a great job of blocking at the point of attack and their backs do a nice job of working behind it and getting vertical when they see the seams."

Speaking of Arizona's running backs, the tape shows Pellum that they are both similarly effective.

"I think their backs are very similar," he said. "They have great feet, have great vision, and they are really good at getting down field vertical. You watch the film and whether it is the first guy or second guy, they look the same. They are very talented."

In order to contain Arizona's offense, the logical thought would be to blitz the freshman quarterback. However, Pellum does not necessarily believe that is the concrete answer.

"I think when there are opportunities to rush the passer you have to be prepared, but the thing you have to be prepared for when facing this guy or Marcus Mariota, you have to be very smart with how you are attacking him because if you miss those guys they can go the distance," he said.

"We have to do a great job of containing the run and pass and when we have the opportunities have to try to get after him."

Oregon's defense has struggled some this season, but it will need to improve quickly if the Ducks are going to contend for a Pac-12 title.

"I think defensively every week we all need to improve," Pellum said. "I think as the season goes on normally there are guys that start to emerge, guys that all of a sudden feel comfortable in the system and we are always looking to try to push that.

"To be successful in this league every week you have to get better, you cant stay the same. Part of us getting better is everybody stepping up a little more and we are hoping that continues to happen."

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