Jones-Grigsby welcomes role

Terris Jones-Grigsby was injured when Nick Wilson emerged as one of the top backs in the country. Read on to see why Jones-Grigsby is embracing that success, his thoughts on Oregon, and more.

Earlier this season, Terris Jones-Grigsby had to sit due to injury while freshman Nick Wilson was impressive enough to likely earn the majority of carries going forward.

However, Jones-Grigsby has no hard feelings and, if anything, is excited that Arizona now has two legitimate running backs.

“It feels great,” Jones-Grigsby said. “Sitting on the sidelines was really tough, but Nick stepped in there and did well, so I am really proud of him.

“Right now he is a little banged up, but hopefully we have him back for Oregon because having two backs going in there with fresh legs is going to be big for us.”

California was able to contain Arizona’s run game better than most teams in the past year or so have and Jones-Grigsby believes there is credit to go around.

“I would think it was more of us than them,” he said. “We had a few missed reads, but they also had a very tough defense. Same guys as last year, but they had a different edge to them.

“They came off a bad season, so I guess they had a chip on their shoulder. The holes are there, but we are missing them and making a couple mistakes.”

Having two backs is going to be beneficial for a few reasons, including the fact that it will likely make Anu Solomon’s job a bit easier.

“The pull read game is pretty much our offense, so having a young quarterback who is doing well and getting the reads down is beneficial to us,” Jones-Grigsby said. “He has been doing well in practice.

“We have had new quarterbacks coach’s first three years and they have all done well. Anu is doing well and having talent around him is going to help him.”

Jones-Grigsby has been to Autzen before, but this will be the first time that he takes snaps there.

“I traveled up there my freshman year, but I didn’t play,” he said. “This is going to be my first experience playing. I know it gets loud up there, but I am more anxious than nervous. I want to see what they have in store.”

One of the keys to the game is whether or not Arizona’s offense will be able to get going early.

“Their defense is big, physical,” Jones-Grigsby said. “They have a very active defensive line and their linebackers and defensive backs are really solid.

“We know we will have our hands full, but if we get the first blow and drive them off the ball and get that run game going, I think we should be good.

“I think getting our offense going early is going to be a big key. Our defense will have their hands full, we know that from last year and the talent they have. Just getting our offense rolling is a major key.”

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