Tevis embraces Autzen environment

Jared Tevis will embrace Thursday's hostile environment at Autzen. Read on to see why he likes road games, his thoughts on facing Oregon, and more

Jared Tevis has been to Autzen before and instead of being intimidated, he chooses the opposite route.

“It is inspiring, crazy, wild,” Tevis said. “When you get on the field it feels like someone is screaming right in your ear. The energy is crazy and as a team we’re going to have to feed off of that.

“I love away games, boos and the opposing crowd, nothing is more exciting than that. There’s not many better feelings than being able to quiet the crowd, so I love playing away and Autzen is one of the best stadiums to play in.”

Earlier this week, Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost called Tevis one of his favorite players to watch.

“I love playing Oregon, it is always a great opportunity,” Tevis said. “I think if we play with physicality we can get to them a little bit and I try to bring that every game.

“I have talked to their offensive coordinator and their coach a little bit and they call me the Assassin in their film room up there. I took that as a big compliment at Pac-12 media day. I am just trying to come out and have the best game I have had against them yet.”

Tevis realizes the challenge in stopping Marcus Mariota, who may be the best player in the country.

“It always helps when you come out firing on all cylinders, but it is a 60 minute game, sometimes longer,” Tevis said. “We have to try to keep the pressure on him all game and just try to contain him throughout the whole game.

“He is a playmaker, but as long as we are getting after it and doing what we need to do, we can try our best to contain him.”

There won’t be any intimidation as Arizona goes into Autzen and Tevis believes that the Wildcats have a shot at winning.

“They seem a lot more composed,” he said. “They are ranked second in the nation, so they are obviously a great team. I think they are beatable though. They are a great team, but I think if we do what we can we have a shot of winning up there at Autzen.”

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