Wildcats do it again

For the second year in a row, Arizona has defeated Oregon. Read on for a complete recap of the 31-24 win on Thursday night.

You would have been hard pressed to find many people that gave Arizona a chance to defeat Oregon on the road Thursday night.

Unless, you were talking to the Wildcats.

Arizona's defense played its best game of the season and the offense took advantage of its opportunities as the Wildcats defeated the Oregon Ducks 31-24 at Autzen.

Oregon started on its own 25 with an eight-yard run by Royce Freeman. Keanon Lowe then grabbed a 19-yard pass and Freeman got two carries for seven consecutive yards. Arizona eventually forced a fourth and short and a dropped pass gave the Wildcats possession on their own 31.

Terris Jones-Grigsby got the first carry for nine yards and followed with 17 on the ground. Anu Solomon had two short runs and then found Samajie Grant for nine yards. Two plays later, David Richards caught a 12-yard pass, but the drive stalled.

A 28-yard field goal by Casey Skowron proceeded to give Arizona the 3-0 lead with 8:27 left in the first quarter.

Arizona forced Oregon into a three and out and took over on its own 23. After a 14-yard run by Nick Wilson, the Wildcats found themselves in a third and short, but Solomon threw an interception to Reggie Daniels.

The Ducks took over on their own 31 with a two-yard run from Freeman. Two plays later, Lowe caught a 15-yard pass. After a four-yard pass to Byron Marshall, Arizona got two sacks from Derrick Turituri and the Ducks had to punt.

The Wildcats couldn’t get anything from their top 25 and Oregon forced a three and out, taking possession on its own 24.

Thomas Tyner started the drive with a one-yard run before Mariota found Pharaoh Brown for 16 yards. Two plays later, Mariota ran for seven and two plays after that, hit Devon Allen for 12 to end the first quarter down 3-0.

Freeman ran for 10 yards to start the quarter and then followed with a trick play in which he passed for a 26-yard touchdown to Mariota as the extra point made it 7-3 in favor of the Ducks.

Looking for an answer, the Wildcats started on their own 25 with a four-yard run from Jones-Grigsby. Nate Phillips then caught a 16-yard pass, but a personal foul brought the drive back. Solomon ran for 19 yards on 3rd and 23 and on fourth down, punted it to Oregon’s one-yard line.

Both teams exchanged drives with nothing really going before the Ducks got the ball on their own 20 with 8:28 left in the first half.

Mariota gained one yard on the ground before Tyner gained five. Marshall then caught a 19 and 11-yard pass. On third down, Arizona was called for pass interference despite the ball being tipped.

However, Mariota fumbled on the next play and the Wildcats took over on their own 33.

On first down, Solomon attempted a pass, but it was deflected right back to him. Fortunately, he took advantage and was able to run 21 yards with it. Jones-Grigsby gained nine yards and Solomon then picked up the first down with a two-yard run.

After an incomplete pass, Jones-Grigsby got a nine-yard reception and then a first down with a two-yard run. However, a bad exchange on Oregon’s seven would later lead to a fumble and the Ducks went into the half up 7-3.

Arizona started the second half on its own 20 with a 26-yard run from Wilson followed by a gain of nine on the ground. Two plays later, Cayleb Jones caught a 14-yard pass and then grabbed one for 13.

Jones then drew a pass interference penalty and Wilson scored from three yards out on the next play with the extra point giving the Wildcats a 10-7 lead with 12:52 left in the third quarter.

The Ducks took possession on their own 28 with a two-yard run by Marshall. Freeman gained 13 on the ground and four more on the next play. Two plays later, Mariota found Marshall for 23 yards.

Arizona forced a third down soon after, but Jourdon Grandon was called for taunting. Freeman gained six on the ground on first down and Mariota hit Allen for the six-yard touchdown with the extra point giving the Ducks a 14-10 lead with 9:58 left in the third.

Due to another penalty on the return, Arizona started on its own seven with a three-yard run by Jones-Grigsby. Hill then caught a 12-yard pass and after a few short gains, Jones-Grigsby gained 54 yards off a reception.

On third down, Samajie Grant was able to draw a pass interference call and Wilson scored on the next play as the extra point put Arizona up 17-14 with 6:27 left in the third.

The Wildcats forced a three and out and took the ball on their own 20. Wilson ran for 15 yards on first down Grant gained four as well. Wilson gained eight on two consecutive carries and three plays later, Tyrell Johnson caught a 17-yard pass.

After a short pass, Solomon switched the field and found Wilson for a 34-yard touchdown with the extra point putting Arizona up 24-14 deep in the third quarter.

It did not take Oregon long to get going, as it started from its own 24 with a 16-yard pass to Allen. Tyner then gained 22 yards and two plays later, Dwayne Stanford caught a 34-yard pass. A run for no gained then ended the third quarter with the Wildcats up 24-14.

Freeman did not gain any yards on the first run of the quarter and Oregon was then called for a false penalty. After a three-yard gain by Freeman, Oregon kicked a 21-yard field goal to cut the Wildcats’ lead to 24-17 with 13:26 left in regulation.

Arizona got the ball on its own 30 with a four-yard run from Jones-Grigsby. Jones caught a 23-yard pass on the next play and Jones-Grigsby gained four more on the ground.

Arizona was forced into a fourth and two situation, but Jones-Grigsby came up short and the Ducks took over on their own 34 with 10:58 left.

Allen caught a 16-yard pass and two plays later. Stanford grabbed one for 14. Lowe gained two in the air and Freeman went to the ground for one as Arizona forced 4th and 11.

The Ducks completed a 28-yard pass to Allen and two plays later, Mariota found Lowe for the seven-yard touchdown. The extra point then tied it at 24 with 8:21 left.

Arizona started on its own 29 with a nine-yard pass to Phillips two plays into the drive. Jones-Grigsby ran for five yards and Phillips caught a six-yard pass before Jones-Grigsby caught a 28-yard pass.

After an incomplete pass, Solomon was called for intentional grounding. On third down and 20, Jones-Grigsby ran for 24 yards up the middle. Oregon forced another third down, but was called for taunting.

On first down, the Ducks were called for pass interference and three plays later, Jones-Grigsby ran it in from about a yard out as the extra point gave the Wildcats a 31-24 lead with about three minutes left.

Oregon started on its own nine with an incomplete pass. Mariota then found Stanford for 14 yards and 12 more on the next play.

However, Scooby Wright came up big against Oregon for the second year in a row as he sacked Mariota and recovered a fumble to basically seal the game.

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