Helfrich credits Arizona in loss

Oregon coach Mark Helfrich feels the Ducks did not execute on Thursday, but also made sure to credit Arizona. Read on to see what he says about the loss and more.

Mark Helfrich knows that Oregon did not play its best football on Thursday night, but also realizes that Arizona played a large role in that.

"Give them credit," Helfrich said. "They played really well, QB got hot in the second half and we didn't make enough plays in the second half to win."

Arizona's defensive strategy may not have been complicated, but the overall unit played its best game of the season.

"Their plan was pretty simple," Helfrich said. "Rush three and make us kind of dink and dunk We didn't sustain drives. Give them credit and we have some stuff that we have to clean up.

"Any time you can pressure the passer with a three man rush you can defend a lot of other things. You can change up your coverage and limit the ability to throw down field and that what they did for the majority of the night."

Helfrich does not feel that Arizona's defense confused Marcus Mariota as much as it was simply able to get pressure on him.

"I didn’t think he was confused at all," he said. "I think it was a matter of any time you can get pressure with three guys and mix coverage, those odds aren't good. How they rushed us is kind of what they did to us last year in a lot of ways as the game went on."

One of the biggest moments of the game came when Tony Washington was penalized 15 yards for taunting, which wound up being the difference between and a field goal and a touchdown for the Wildcats.

"I don’t know what his (Solomon) second half numbers were, but he was outstanding," Helfrich said. "Their tailback ran hard. There are a bunch of hurt guys with the would have, could have, should have. Had them stopped there at the end and a silly play, I will take the blame for that. I talked to Tony and it was not the right time to have that deal to come up.

"There’s things in every phase that need to be rectified. We had a bunch of assignment busts on the perimeter that we haven't had ever. Part of that was a communication issue. We missed a couple of signs in the first half, which has never happened. We had three times where we ran the wrong route. We didn't play cleanly enough in any phase."

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