Kosinski looking forward to being a Wildcat

Alex Kosinski is currently an Arizona commit and excited about his future. Read on to see him talk about his potential role and more.

While much has been made about the impact the Arizona win over Oregon will have on future recruits, it was also an important game for current commits like 2015 Larkspur (Calif.) Redwood offensive tackle Alex Kosinski to see.

“Watching that Oregon game was amazing,” Kosinski said. “Based off last season I knew we had a chance going into that game, but I knew it would be hard because we were going to be on the road against a really good team in a crazy environment.

“You could tell early on though this was going to be a hard fought game, and the way Arizona was able to take it to them in the second half was impressive.”

Kosinski was also keeping a close eye on the Wildcat offensive line.

“They’ve played well this season," he said. "There have been running lanes and Anu has had time to throw the ball. A lot of that is because of how experienced those guys are and you can see that they work well together.”

In addition, Kosinski believes he has an opportunity for early playing time.

“When you look at how many upperclassmen are playing, it shows that they will need to add some new pieces in the next couple seasons," he said.

“If I have to redshirt, I’m okay with that. I would like to play, but the coaches know better than anyone what is going on, so I will trust their judgment on that stuff."

At this point, Kosinski is not completely sure of what his future may hold, but he does know about one aspect of his choice to become a Wildcat.

“The one thing I know is I made the right decision and I’m pumped to get down there and start training and checking out the communications department," he said. "One way or the other I want to be involved in sports my entire life.”

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