Hill having fun

Austin Hill has had fun playing football this season. Read on to see why he says that is, his thoughts on playing USC, and more.

Austin Hill has seen a lot in his time at Arizona and although he realizes there is plenty of football left to be played, the wider receiver is still having fun.

"It has been fun out here working hard with the team and then showing out on the field," Hill said. "It’s always fun to be able to win with the team and I know we go out there and work hard for 60 minutes just like coach always says.

"It’s been awesome to have as much success as we have had and we want to keep having success, so we are going to keep working hard and getting better every week."

Hill has been careful in his effort to return to the player he was two seasons ago and feels he is as close as ever to being there.

"I have to work on a couple of little things strengthening wise here and there that I kind of had to stop because I was practicing so much and I didn't want to fatigue my knee too much," he said. "I am getting there and I am really trying to work on the fundamental things. That will all come and as time goes by I will have a lot of time to work on that.

"I think I have a lot of confidence in it. The mental aspect I have gotten down, it really just the physical aspect now. The knee being strong enough to do the same things I used to do and being as explosive as I was. That will come and I know that, so I am not worried about that as much."

Arizona has used Hill in numerous roles, similar to how the coaching staff chose to use Terrence Miller last season.

"It’s been fun, it’s been new," Hill said. "A lot of different kinds of schemes and a lot of different stuff I have to know and read. I have to read the defensive line now instead of reading the secondary, so it is kind of different in that way.

"It’s fun being able to release from there and getting different one-on-one looks. It’s also really rough going up against some big boys in there. I am outweighed by 50, 60 pounds sometimes, so it is some good work for me.

"I like to think I am strong and big, so I am going to keep playing like it and keep hitting those big boys. I’ve thrown my whole body into a guy and he didn’t move, so I was like this is how it is going to be all night. I like to throw my body around as much as possible when I am in there."

In addition, one of the major differences for Hill is that he is playing with more talent at wide receiver than he has seen since he has been here and a freshman quarterback as well.

"I knew it was going to be a little different also because of the younger quarterback," Hill said. "I think Matt and I found that chemistry before Matt was a starter because I had known Matt and he had known me and we were good friends before that whereas I had to really build a new chemistry with Anu.

"I knew the love wasn’t going to be coming 90 percent towards me and I have no problem with it as long as we are getting the wins and able to have success. Spreading the ball around is good because now nobody can really key on one receiver, they have to key on all of us and play fundamental whole defense."

Hill will look to continue his success against USC, but no longer treats it as he did when he was younger.

"It was bigger when I was younger, but now it is kind of just another game," Hill said. "When I was younger I grew up watching USC play and was going to all the games, but now I am kind of grown out of it and it’s just become a game.

"I’m not really into all of that they didn't recruit me or they didn't offer me type of stuff. USC is always a good team and an athletic team and they get a lot of good recruits, so it is always fun to go out there and play against them."

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