Solomon remains humble

Anu Solomon is happy that Arizona is having success, but remains humble through it all. Read on to see what he says about being ranked, USC, and more.

With Arizona jumping into the rankings at number ten, it would be understandable if the players got excited. Instead, Anu Solomon is taking the opposite approach.

"It doesn’t mean a lot," Solomon said. "Rankings don’t matter until the season is over. We just have to stay hungry and remain humble."

That doesn't mean it is easy to stay humble, as Solomon is surely hearing from people around campus and seeing Arizona get mentioned nationally as well.

"At times it can be difficult because with people acknowledging you, you have to accept it," Solomon said. "Then again in your mind you have to think you aren’t ranked right now and keep focused at the task at hand."

Although Arizona is indeed getting national attention, Solomon feels that he and his teammates still have something to prove.

"It’s exciting that the game is sold out," he said. "We are anxious to go out there and prove that it means something to us. We’re trying to make this program into something special and for that to happen we have to keep doing what we’re doing. We can’t become complacent.

"It feels very good to be relevant and be spoken of, to be recognized nationally. We have worked our tails off all summer and off-season, but we have to do what we do."

The next obstacle in Arizona's way is a USC team that is coming off a difficult loss to Arizona State.

"They are very good," Solomon said of USC. "They are well-disciplined, so we have to be explosive every play and take one play at a time.

"We can’t underestimate them. They are coming off a big loss and they are going to be hungry. They are a great team, so we have to be ready."

In Solomon's eyes, one aspect of being ready is him being able to put together a complete performance.

"Every game is the same thing, just me starting off bad and in the second half I start seeing things," he said.

"I have to get out of that habit. I can’t put my teammates in the position where we have to come back in certain situations. I need to start off strong."

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