Arizona's comeback falls short

Arizona lost its first game of the season Saturday night. Read on for the recap of the 28-26 loss to USC.

Arizona tried its late heroics once again, but a 36-yard field goal missed and the Wildcats lost to the USC Trojans 28-26 Saturday night.

The Wildcats started on its own 25 with a two-yard pass from Anu Solomon to Davonte’ Neal. After an incomplete pass, Neal grabbed eight yards in the air. Two plays later, Neal got a 27-yard pass.

After a delay of game penalty, USC was called for pass interference. However, Arizona could not get much going after that and the 48-yard field goal attempt sailed wide left with 11:53 left in the first quarter.

The Trojans were forced into a quick third down and Nelson Agholor was wide open, but dropped it to force USC into a three and out.

Neal returned the punt to the USC 36 and two plays later, Solomon found Austin Hill for 14 yards. After a short run by Terris Jones-Grigsby, Arizona was brought back with a holding penalty.

Hill proceeded to catch a 14-yard pass, but it was not enough. The Wildcats then got on the board with a 32-yard field goal with 8:21 to give them the 3-0 lead.

A solid kickoff return put USC on its own 34-yard line. The first play from scrimmage was an 18-yard pass from Cody Kessler to Javorius Allen followed by a ten-yard run. Two plays later, Allen ran it in from 34 yards out and the extra point gave the Trojans a 7-3 lead with 6:03 left in the first.

Arizona started on its own 25-yard line and was put into a third down and long, which David Richards converted on a ten-yard completion.

Jones-Grigsby ran for two yards before Neal caught a six-yard pass. Richards then grabbed a four-yard reception and followed it with a 15-yard gain. Jones-Grigsby caught a pass for five yards and Cayleb Jones added a grab for nine.

Two plays later, Jones caught another nine-yard pass, but the drive stalled out and a 25-yard field goal cut the USC lead to 7-6.

On the next drive, the Trojans started on their own 16 with a 14-yard pass to Agholor. Juju Smith then caught a 24-yard reception before a four-yard catch by Agholor ended the quarter.

After a short pass to Agholor, USC fumbled the snap and the punt gave the Wildcats the ball on their own 10.

After an incomplete pass, Trey Griffey caught a five-yard catch. Nate Phillips added a six-yard grab and Griffey gained nine more. Arizona did not get much else going and on third down, Solomon was sacked, forcing a punt.

It didn’t take long for USC to score, as the Trojans started on their own 38 with a 14-yard run by Allen. Two plays later, he scored from 48 yards out and the extra point gave USC a 14-6 lead with 10:30 left in the first half.

Starting on its own 16, Arizona got a six-yard run from Jones-Grigsby on second down. The Wildcats then converted the first down with an 11-yard pass to Tyrell Johnson. Jones-Grigsby got five yards on the ground, but the Wildcats only gained two more and were forced to punt.

The Trojans took possession on their own seven with a two-yard run by Justin Davis. Darreus Rogers then caught a seven-yard pass before Kessler got the first down with a four-yard run. USC did not get anything else going for the next three downs and punted, giving the Wildcats the ball on their own 35.

USC was called for pass interference and two plays later, Neal caught an 11-yard pass. The Trojans were called for a personal foul soon after and Samajie Grant caught a 13-yard pass. After a defensive holding call, Jones-Grigsby fumbled and USC took over on its own nine.

Agholor caught a 25-yard pass on the first play from scrimmage and a few plays later, USC was called for holding. Kessler then proceeded to throw his first interception of the season to give Arizona the ball on the USC 43.

After an incomplete pass, Hill caught a six-yard reception. Jared Baker then gained seven on the ground before Solomon found Hill for seven more. Johnson caught a four-yard pass and Baker gained five on the ground, but an incomplete pass and sack stopped the drive short.

Skowron came in to attempt a 32-yard field, but it was blocked as the half ended with the Trojans up 14-6.

USC started the second half on its own 25 with two three-yard runs by Allen. Agholor then caught a 16-yard pass and Rogers followed with a 14-yard grab.

Allen ran for three yards, gained one in the air, and then converted the third down with a five-yard run. Three plays later, Kessler hit Agholor for a 21-yard touchdown, as the extra point gave the Trojans a 21-6 lead with 9:17 left in the third.

The Wildcats looked for an answer, but got absolutely nothing. Johnson caught a four-yard pass and two plays later, Hill got the first down. After a five-yard run by Baker, Arizona got nothing and was forced to punt yet again.

On second down, USC fumbled and Arizona took over on the USC 22. Johnson ran for nine yards ajnd Baker then had runs for two and five. On the next play, Baker scored from six yards out and the extra point cut the lead to 21-13 with 6:05 left in the third.

USC’s drive started with a large gain after Allen picked up a chunk of yards and Arizona was called for a facemask.

Allen proceeded to gain 10 on the ground and then eight more. Kessler then hit Telfer for 10 yards and Allen got eight more on the ground.

Kessler ran for five yards and Allen ran for four. Smith caught a nine-yard pass and then it took Allen three plays to score, as the extra point put the Trojans up 28-13 to end the third.

Arizona went three and out and the Trojans did as well with the Wildcats taking over on their own 15.

Baker ran for two yards and gained seven in the air. He then ran for five and Neal caught a four-yard and six-yard pass. USC was called for pass interference and Richards caught a five-yard pass two plays later.

After a two-yard pass to Baker, Solomon found him on a wheel route on fourth and three, as the 41-yard touchdown and extra point cut USC’s lead to 28-20 with 10:19 left.

USC started on its ten and two plays into the drive. Allen ran for 32 yards. A false start then put the Trojans back and Allen ran for two and then five yards. However, the Wildcats forced a punt and took over on their own 20.

Jones got a first down, but Arizona threw three consecutive incomplete passes and punted with just over seven minutes left.

USC started on its own 23 with a two-yard run by Smith. Davis then gained 11 on the ground and seven more on the next play. On third and one, Davis picked up the first down with a five-yard gain.

The defense then stood USC up on the next few plays and forced a punt, taking over on its own 20.

The drive started with a five-yard pass to Jones and two plays later, he had a 12-yard grab. After an incomplete pass, Solomon proceeded to hit Jones for 10 more and then did the same to Griffey.

Griffey then caught a seven-yard reception and caught another seven-yard pass two plays later. After an incomplete pass, Solomon found Hill for 16 yards and two plays later connected with Jones for 12.

On the next play, Baker scored from a yard out and the Wildcats were within two with 1:07 left.

Jones drew a pass interference penalty on the first attempt, but the second one fell short. However, Arizona was able to recover the onside kick and the Wildcats were in business again.

The drive started on the USC 47 with a seven-yard pass to Richards. He then grabbed an 18-yard catch and Baker ran for three on the next play. Solomon proceeded to throw three incomplete passes and the stage was set for a 36-yard field goal.

That 36-yard field goal was no good and the Trojans were able to survive, handing Arizona its first loss.

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