Wildcats must move on

Arizona may have lost its first game of the season, but it doesn't have much time to feel sorry for itself. Read on to see what Rich Rodriguez and Austin Hill have to say about the Wildcats moving on.

The loss to USC certainly hurts Arizona in numerous ways, but it seemed that as soon as the game ended, the Wildcats were already looking to move on.

"Losing on the last play is not easy,” Rich Rodriguez said. “I'm proud of the guys overall, even though we didn't play well at times. You have to give USC credit. They are a talented group of guys and they are well coached.

“We didn't execute well, but we kept at them for 60 minutes and they did what I asked them to do. We just didn't make a play at the end to win it. We have to correct what we need. We'll move on after 24 hours from this game.”

Nobody took the loss harder than kicker Casey Skowron, who missed what would have likely been the game-winning field goal.

“When I talked to (Skowron), I told him that he’s my boy and I still loved him,” Austin Hill said. “Kickers tend to feel that all of the weight is on them when he should’ve never been in that situation in the first place.

“He needs to realize that more of the weight is on the rest of the team. I just tried to talk to him and calm him down. He was upset, but he’s okay. He’s still our kicker; I love him and I still respect him to the fullest.”

As disappointing as Saturday was, Hill knows that the team can’t think about it too much before moving on to preparation for Washington State.

“I think the biggest thing is just to forget,” he said. “People like to live off of big victories; it’s really bad to live off a loss. We’re only halfway through the season and we have a lot of big games ahead of us and we still have an opportunity to make a big splash and become the team we know we can be.

“I’m not worried about where the team is at mentally right now. I know we’ll all get over it. Coach Rodriguez really trained us well. For 24 hours we might be mad, but after 24 hours it’s all over and we’re moving on.”

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