Neal feels comfortable

Davonte' Neal feels that the USC game was a sign that he is finally comfortable. Read on as he discusses that, Arizona's mentality, and more

Davonte' Neal has seven receptions for 65 yards against USC and he attributes much of that success to his quarterback.

“It’s football, anything can happen,” Neal said. “I just try to go out there and do my best. Anu did a great job of feeding me the ball early. I had some big plays on punt return and I think that is what made me comfortable during the game, just going out there and wanting to make plays.”

Neal does not necessarily agree that Saturday was his breakout game as much as it shows that he is finally comfortable in the system.

“People feel like the USC game was my coming out game, but I wouldn’t say that,” he said. “I would call it my comfort game. It’s where I finally got comfortable and didn't have an injury, so I was in the flow and moving.

“It was great having my guys out there clicking. It sucks we couldn't come up with the win, but thats behind us.”

This week is Arizona’s first of the season in which it is coming off a loss and Neal believes that the overall attitude was strong.

“It’s business, it’s always business,” Neal said. “It is a little different because we did come off a loss, so now we are all hungry, we all want it that much more.

“We understand the loss is behind us, now it is Washington State. We are focusing on Washington State and we have to come out swinging.”

When watching the tape, Neal was more critical of how the offense played as opposed to what USC was able to do.

“I look at it as saying we could have done this better or we could have done that better,” he said. “We missed shots here, we missed shots there. It’s on all of us. It’s all about learning from the loss and making everything better.”

Arizona now has a bye week and Neal has mixed emotions about the next few days.

“It’s a love hate,” Neal said. “I love the bye week because we get to get the guys back, but I hate it because I want to get out and play Saturday. We will take the bye week and not take it for granted and come back next week and be ready to play.

“Teams are going to fall. It’s not how hard you fall, it is how fast you get back up. This team is not one to ponder on the loss. We thought about it for two days, we threw it out of our head on Sunday after we watched film.”

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