Denson prepared for expanded role

Cameron Denson seems to be in line for more playing time. Read on to see why, his reaction to seeing the field, and more.

When Jonathan McKnight went down with an injury against USC, Cameron Denson was next in line. Now, it appears that he is going to be seeing extended playing time.

"I think he’s gotten better," Rich Rodriguez said. "He’s an extremely competitive guy and I think his future is bright. The defensive staff thinks he is ready to have an increased role.

"He got in more because of injuries, but even playing with a team that throws as much as Washington State, we have to have our corners ready."

When Denson heard it name called on Saturday, it did not take long for him to get ready.

"Throughout the week you just prepare for that moment where you get into the game, so getting thrown in there like against USC, I was already prepared," Denson said.

"I had some time to get myself together as McKnight was hurting, so I kind of got myself ready mentally as I got on the field."

One of the main reasons Denson feels he has improved enough to play more is because of the receivers that he goes up against in practice.

"I became a smarter player and better with my technique every day," Denson said. "Just coming to practice and practicing against these good receivers. Practicing against them gets me better for actual game play.

"It’s competitive. It is tough sometimes because they are so talented, but it just prepares me for game like situations and makes me better."

While at Salpointe Catholic, Denson did not lose many games. Thus, when Arizona lost to USC, it was a bit of a different feeling for the freshman.

"I’m not really used to losing, so when you do lose you don’t really know how to react," he said. "I think I handled it pretty well, but we still have to come out and prepare for the next game and we are in contention for a Pac-12 championship.

"If we win out we will be competing for a playoff spot. We just have to keep perspective and keep working hard."

Attention has now turned to Washington State and Denson is excited for the challenge that the Cougars' pass-oriented offense will bring.

"You have to prepare to get the ball thrown your way," he said. "They are going to throw the ball your way no matter what and they are going to do what they do. They don’t change it up much, so you have to know what they want to do and be prepared to react to it.

"You have to like those games because you know they are going to come at you and you are going to be tested. You get more opportunities to get an interception if they come your way, so corners love this type of game."

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