Solomon wants to be better

Anu Solomon has played relatively well this season, but wants to get better. Read on to see how he is trying to do that and more.

Anu Solomon is not used to losing and hopes that he never gets accustomed to it. However, he is learning to put the USC loss behind him and move on.

"Practice feels good," Solomon said. "There’s times in life where you have to forget about things and move on. In the first practice, we felt good, the enthusiasm was there, but we struggled a little. We’re moving on and we’re getting past it."

Much of the focus after the loss was on Casey Skowron's missed field goal, but Solomon chose to take blame as well.

"I have to make us be in a better situation than to rely on Casey," Solomon said. "It’s not his fault. I partake the blame, its partially my fault the entire game not scoring and not finishing our drives.

"Even on that two point conversion I should have pulled it, but would have, should have, could have, we have to learn from it and do what we do."

Arizona may not have a game this weekend, but Solomon would rather treat this week as if he was preparing for one.

"We’re not treating it as a bye week," Solomon said. "Personally I don’t want to say we don’t need a bye week, but I would rather play a game on Saturday.

"Our team is coming together as a group and family and we are just being strong. We are moving on and have to do what we do."

One aspect that Solomon would like to improve on is his downfield passing, which has been inconsistent this season.

"It’s very effective when we can throw downfield," Solomon said. "There’s things I have to see when the coaches are seeing it and we just have to execute it.

"I can improve it with film study and basically just doing it and repeating it play by play in the game so you know how they are playing it and trusting the wide receivers to make the play."

In addition, the ideal situation would see the Arizona offense having more explosive plays.

"I need to work on making big plays and being explosive throughout the entire game," he said. "I can’t slack off in the first half and continue to do what I do best in the second half. it is something I need to correct."

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