Connie Adams, Hassan Adams' mother, has a quiet demeanor. But there's a certain air of self-assurance and she's very confident Hassan will make a good decision when he chooses a school. She shared some of her thoughts with me as the recruiting process moves into it's next stage - in-home and campus visits.

When I called Hassan Adams, his mother Connie Adams told me he was at the gym working out. So I spoke with his mother and to my surprise, unlike most parents, she is not apprehensive nor is she terribly concerned about any part of the recruiting process. She said it really doesn't matter where her son goes to school, she's confident he'll make the right choice.

"Not reaaly," she said when I ask if she had any concerns about the recruiting process or the school her son might choose. "Why should I be? He doesn't have enough information to make a decision yet, so why should I be concerned now."

The conversation I had with Connie Adams confirmed my gut feeling. She convince me that her son really has no idea where he might like to spend his college days.

In a couple of weeks, Adams and his mother will begin hosting coaches for in-home visits.

"I just want to help him make the best choice," she said. "I want him to get the best education and have an exciting experience when he goes to college."

On the basketball court Adams is intense and ever the aggressor. He is the consummate competitor. However, off the court he's not nearly as outgoing.

"All of his energy goes into basketball," his mother said. "Off the court he's quiet, but he doesn't have any problem talking to people when they come up to him. He's just not a loud person."

Adams lists many schools - Arizona, Cal, Kansas, UCLA, Tennessee, Boston College and New Mexico. I always believed it will come down to a battle between no more than three of them – Arizona, Cal and Kansas. Now I'm not so sure.

After speaking with his mother, I can truly say I really don't think Hassan or his mother has come to any conclusions.

"How can you?" his mother asked. "How can you make any decisions before you've seen any of the schools."

Adams has some campus visits scheduled, but his mother says she is unsure how many official visits he'll take. But she is certain about one of them.

"I'll be going with him when he visits Arizona," she said. "But I don't know where else I'll go."

"I'm just going to watch and observe how the coaches and Hassan get along," she went to say. "When I come home I'll pretty much know how he feels about the school and the coaches."

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