10/22 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Wednesday to discuss possible coaching rumors, weather implications, defensive depth, and more. Read on for the latest.

  • It's the time of the year where coaching rumors begin and although Rodriguez has been mentioned in connection with a few, he does not believe it will affect recruiting.

    "It’s really a staff thing that’s being recognized and unless you are doing well you’re probably not being mentioned anyway, so it doesn’t effect recruiting because I think everybody knows our situation here is pretty stable," he said.

  • There is a possibility that Saturday's game could see some rain and it is not something that Rich Rodriguez is happy about, despite believing it does not hold a major advantage for either team.

    "I don’t like it at all," Rodriguez said. "I have had plenty of cold rainy games in the past and that’s one reason why I enjoy Arizona so much. Ten day forecast with zero percent chance of rain.

    "Right now it looks like it is going to be okay, it might change in the next couple of days. We try to prepare for wet balls, we have been doing wet ball drills every day, but how do you really prep for rain when you only get it ten days a year?

    "Sometimes you would think if it is a passing team it is harder to pitch and catch, but at the same time as a wideout you know where you are going and the defense doesn’t. You worry about guys slipping around, but I think it probably equals out."

  • Scooby Wright continues to have a successful season and one of the major reasons why is because of his overall attitude.

    "We knew he had something special last year and the nice part about Scooby and the reason he is having success is because it is so important to him," Rodriguez said.

    "It sounds like a coach’s cliche, but he asks what we ask him to do and then goes above and beyond every day to get better. Scooby is leading us in tackles because he plays with a greater sense of urgency than the rest of the guys. I think that is an attribute that a lot of our guys have, but he has it to the nth degree."

  • Jonathan McKnight has arguably put together his best season since arriving at Arizona and much of that has to do with his health.

    "I think he has because he’s stronger and because this was his first full offseason where he was able to lift," Rodriguez said. "Before it was always coming off a shoulder or injury and he was healthy all summer. He’s been consistent. He has a great feel for the game and you want all of your seniors to have their best year and so far he has."

  • Since Arizona had a bye week last week, it is possible that the playbook was expanded a bit. However, Rodriguez says that the coaching staff has to be careful in how it addresses that.

    "I think there is a tendency particularly when you have open dates to maybe try to put too much in," he said. "After today’s practice and tomorrow’s staff meeting, we will pull back and see what we are doing well and what we need to have to have success in this game and not add too much. I think you can add too much and really screw yourself up."

  • Washington State is certainly going to pass a lot and Arizona will have to use depth that it may not be comfortable using.

    "You have to be concerned with it," Rodriguez said. "I don’t think you can play the same 11 guys on defense and chase the passer and chase those wideouts around for 100 snaps a game.

    "That has been a concern for us because we are not as deep defensively as we need to be, but we are trying to get more guys ready to play this week especially."

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