Johnson has plenty to accomplish

Tyrell Johnson continues to get a better feel for the game in hopes of being able to contribute more. Read on for his thoughts on Washington State, possibly returning a kick for a score, and more.

Coming off a bye week, Tyrell Johnson and his teammates are ready to hit the road and play Washington State on Saturday.

"The bye week got us more focused," Johnson said. "We practiced hard these last two weeks and we all know that we have stuff that we want to accomplish, so we need to work hard and play together as a team."

Johnson has come close to breaking off a kickoff return a few times, but has fallen short for a few reasons. Although he would like to score, he approaches kickoffs with a business like attitude.

"I just make sure I am doing my job and if it breaks, it breaks," Johnson said. "As long as I get good field position and help set the offense up to score, it was successful."

Arizona is trying to get over its slow starts and Johnson ties it to its ability to get a good feel for the opposing defense.

"We start of kind of slow, but once we get a feel for the defense and know what we are capable of, we have good athletes and skill players," Johnson said. "We just need to be on the same page and the game plan will allow everything to open up.

"It’s very important to start fast on the road because we can’t play slow in a hostile environment. We have to play faster and make sure we make other teams play at our tempo."

Some will be quick to point to Saturday's game as being high scoring, but Johnson look at the game the same each week.

"I try to go into a game doing as well as we can, but we want to end every drive with points," he said. "Whether it is a field goal or a touchdown, we need to score."

The Wildcats aimed high before the season and although there is now a loss on their record, there is still plenty to accomplish.

"Our goal was to go undefeated and that did not happen, but we still have a lot of things we want to accomplish and our season could still end how we want it to," Johnson said.

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