McCall ready to step up

Jarvis McCall is ready to take on Washington State. Read on to see what he says about the Cougars, being able to come up with an interception, and more.

Arizona has faces some strong teams this season, but none of them have been as prolific as Washington State when it comes to the passing game.

"The challenge is probably being more consistent and communicating in the secondary,"cornerback Jarvis McCall said. "Also understanding the formations and what they can do out of them.

"We want them to adjust to us because they can throw the ball 80 times per game, so we have to make sure we are on the same page."

Even if Arizona is having success on defense, McCall knows that the Cougars will try to press the action.

"They run a lot of different plays, but sometimes it is just a matter of them getting fast tempo in there," he said. "You can stop them one time or four times, they are going to throw the ball and keep doing what they do. We can’t relax because they are always capable of coming back and scoring."

With the way that Washington State throws the ball, McCall is hoping that he can be able to force a turnover.

"It’s all a process," McCall said. "I am supposed to be near the top of the conference in picks and I need to work on my hands right now. I have to capitalize when I have those chances and I have been dropping them.

"I guess I think too much. The easy ones are always the hardest to catch. I just have to stay more focused and look the ball all the way in and stop dropping picks. It is frustrating because it is kind of hurting the team because it gets the offense on the field to score more points."

Forcing turnovers is always important, but it has a bit more emphasis with Arizona on the road.

"It’s very important to force turnovers because they are going to throw the ball a lot," McCall said. "They are capable of scoring big plays every time they throw and catch, so we have to make sure we are on top of everything."

McCall is looking forward to hitting the road, but not necessarily because of the hostile environment.

"I never really traveled a lot, so the whole experience is great," he said. "I am from the other side of the country, so I have never even seen this side, but it is nice traveling and getting this whole experience."

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