Fuimaono continues to progress

Sani Fuimaono is continuing to get comfortable. Read on to see how he is working on that, who he will be reunited with on Saturday, and more.

Sani Fuimaono is seeing his playing time increase as the season progresses, but admits that he is still trying to get comfortable.

"It’s still a transition," Fuimaono said. "I am trying to take care of some fundamental stuff footwork, trying to get better in my positioning and help the defense. I’m working at it.

"From my hips and up I am good, but I am still trying to work on my lower half. It will get there, but the team is working hard"

Part of the transition is getting acclimated to his new coaches and scheme as well.

"For me it is a new style of coaching and play," Fuimaono said. "In a sense it is a new position for me because it is a true nose, so there are some fundamental things that coach wants me to work on and I have to keep getting better and trust the technique that he is teaching."

Facing a team that passes as much as Washington State poses numerous potential problems, including the possibility that the Cougars may run more than expected.

"Honestly it is just working on pass rushes and being quick off the ball," Fuimaono said of how to handle the Cougars' offense. "We have to be able to get off the ball quickly.

"It’s about being an athlete and making sure that motor is fully field and you are ready to go for 60 minutes. We just have to be able to get of the blocks."

The last year Fuimaono had at Arizona he was coached by Joe Salave'a, who is now the defensive line coach at Washington State.

"I haven’t spoken with him since before I left, but I heard he is doing good things up there," Fuimaono said. "I played for him for one season.

"He is a great coach and all about getting us better in everything we do. He’s a great coach and good mentor off the field, a man who wants the best for an individual."

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