Grandon proud of defense

Jourdon Grandon is happy with the play of the defense against Washington State. Read on to see why that is, his thoughts on playing on the road, and more.

When Jourdon Grandon and his teammates go on the road, the Wildcats have seemingly yet to be intimidated, which is something that is not lost on the safety.

"I feel like it is just how close our team is," Grandon said. "When you go on the road you have to have a tight bond because it’s just you guys, 70 against basically them and all their fans. It is all about the team bond and chemistry you have going in.

"I just feel like we believe we can win anywhere against any team. It is a matter of having confidence and it is a confidence boost to see the team win week in and week out, especially on the road."

Arizona got a bit of a confidence boost after its defense played well against a prolific Washington State offense this past Saturday.

"It was excellent," Grandon said. "We took it upon us, we said we are going to be in the open field a lot, so we have to be sure we are making those tackles and knocking it down.

"We knew they were going to make catches, it was just the yards after the catch that is where they had been successful."

Coming off a bye week, Arizona went with the unique strategy of basically playing a 4-1-6, which seemed to stifle the Cougars at times.

"That was a really good idea because we knew going in they don’t run the ball much," Grandon said. "We made sure we were getting speed, getting our most athletic guys out there to get pressure on the quarterback because we knew he got the ball out fast, so to see the type of pressure we got, I was like ‘wow’ because usually he doesn’t ever get sacked."

Arizona was forced to go to the bench a bit, particularly with the extended playing time of freshman Cam Denson.

"He did good, except for his personal foul," Grandon said. "That’s just a freshman mistake, but other than that he played excellent. He got his interception. He was going up against a big, strong receiver and for him to do what he did against him made me proud.

"It’s great to see we have depth. That’s one thing as we get later into the season, guys start to get more tired. To be able to have that depth is a really good thing to see for our team."

Now comes UCLA and Grandon admits that he will have a little extra motivation come Saturday's kick-off.

"They didn’t recruit me, so that is kind of a sore spot, not getting recruited there," he said. "I really want to get this one too, especially after the debacle there two years ago."

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