Mora speaks highly of Arizona

Jim Mora is speaking highly of Arizona before Saturday's matchup. Read on to see what he thinks of Scooby Wright, Anu Solomon, and more.

UCLA coach Jim Mora took some time to discuss Arizona on Tuesday and he had plenty of positive things to say.

"Great challenge with Arizona coming in here," Mora said. "We have struggled a little bit at home as everybody knows, so this is going to be a great test.

"Saturday is going to be a game where we can’t shoot ourselves in the foot. We’ve got play more consistently, have to play better, have to eliminate costly penalties, have to tackle better."

Mora believes that Arizona could have a bit of extra motivation after what has happened the past two season.

"It should be an awesome game to be at," he said. "They are an exciting team to watch play. They sling it all over the place, they run it well, they play good defense.

"We beat them the last two years, so I am sure that is on their minds and we see they are ranked number 14 and well deserved and that is on our mind, so I think it should be a tremendous game to watch."

With the challenges that Arizona's offense presents, Mora will be stressing fundamentals throughout the week.

"They’re so versatile," he said. "The quarterback and the way they are structured, every play they really have three options and sometimes four. They are the epitome of a team that makes you defend the entire field on every single play.

"They’re balanced 50/50 run, pass. They don’t give you tendencies, so I think it is about playing great technique. Doing what you do as well as you can do it, being locked in, making tackles, understanding they are probably going to make a play but you have to limit the damage."

The anchor to Arizona's offense has been Anu Solomon and in order to contain it, UCLA must be aware of what he can do.

"His mobility and ability to throw the ball on the run makes that offense go," Mora said. "The way Rich Rod has always designed his offenses is for a quarterback that can put your defense in conflict and this guy can do it.

"If he has a guy in the pocket that isn’t really a run threat, his offense isn’t as good as it is now and he’s got the pieces. He’s done an amazing job of getting the pieces to operate the way that he wants to operate. It will be a great challenge for us"

As much attention as the offense gets, Mora believes that Arizona's defense has been playing well also.

"I don’t think necessarily it’s the scheme, they have some really good players that make plays and are active," he said. "You talk about a great effort defense with guys that run around and make plays, they are a great effort defense."

That effort defense is led by Scooby Wright, who continues to see his national attention increase.

"I love him," Mora said. "First of all I love his name and secondly I love the energy he plays with. I think he is a tremendous player. I love those types of guys that just play with their heart.

"I love the passion he has for the game. I think that he plays the run well, is a good rusher, can cover. But the thing I most respect about him is the energy and passion that he plays the game with."

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